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Marketing tips

Email Marketing for Self-Publishers | December 21, 2017

Many Indie publishers are very busy with writing and editing and they forget to market their publication. At Peecho, we...

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Kristel creates unique and personal books for you | November 30, 2017

Kristel Vrolijk started Boekje voor jou (meaning Small Book for You) over 10 years ago in the Netherlands when making...

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Our new Peecho Developer Ilinca | November 9, 2017

Our new developer Ilinca moved from Bucharest to Amsterdam, and started working with us at Peecho. Although at first she...

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Interview: The world’s first Chartered Business Coach and Editor-in-Chief | October 17, 2017

Ton de Graaf has quite an extraordinary life. He started his own successful tennis club aged 16, served as Platoon...

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Inspiration Writing

Ready for Cockney Rhyming Slang? | October 5, 2017

 Ahhh London, a mega-city, great metropolis and one of the finest places in the world. With millions of people living...

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Et si devenir éditeur indépendant était un jeux d’enfants? | October 5, 2017

La vie d’un éditeur indépendant n’est pas tous les jours simple.   L’idée de vendre le fruit de son du labeur est...

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Inspiration Publishing Writing

Print your masterpiece into a beautiful book | September 26, 2017

 Print your masterpiece: Are you a creative mastermind? Do you scribble down your ideas and thoughts whilst on-the-go? Put your...

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It is possible: being a full-time surgeon and editor-in chief | September 19, 2017

His love for fashion photography is so great that he works on his magazine whenever he has time off from...

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