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Case studies

Fubiz: printing and delivering limited artworks all around the world through Peecho

November 23, 2022

Fubiz Prints is an online art print shop. They feature the best artworks from multidisciplinary artists on the scene, which are available for purchase for only a limited time.

Each week, they offer a different series of creations. Customers have the opportunity to acquire a quality art print by simply clicking the “Buy now” button available on the platform, and completing Peecho’s customized checkout.

The challenge

Fubiz Prints tried a lot of different monetization strategies before discovering the possibility of offering limited print numbers of a piece of art.

“We tried several types of paid promotions. Sometimes, we would feature a whiskey brand with an artist, for instance. But we noticed our engagement dropped. We also tried asking artists to pay to get featured, but this compromised our ability to impartially curate the artwork..”

Fubiz Prints soon found out that setting up a print offering is a lot of work. They would have to source printers in all the locations they wanted to sell, build a checkout functionality, request samples and handle the operations. Doing it themselves, it would have taken them months to launch a ‘buy in print’ feature.

“It would have been impossible without Peecho. They have taken care of the entire print process from checkout to production, shipping and customer service.
On top of that, we could print and ship across the entire world.
Thanks to the amazing Peecho team we managed  to set up a print business in a couple of days and have an extra revenue stream.”

The solution

By integrating Peecho’s API, Fubiz is able to print and deliver premium quality artworks all around the globe.


1. Clicks the “Buy now” button next to to their favorite  print and completes the Peecho's checkout.


2. Automatically sends the digital file containing the artwork to Peecho.


3. Creates the order, sends it to the printer, and delivers it to the customer.