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Wargaming and Peecho offer World of Tanks’ players the possibility to turn their one year Battle Journey in hard copy mementos

November 22, 2022

Wargaming is a video game company developing online action games, including the military-themed team-based game World of Tanks. Thanks to the partnership between Wargaming and Peecho, WoT’s players can print keepsakes of their one year Battle Journey in the form of unique posters or stickers.

What is WoT’s Year-In-Review Battle Journey?

Wargaming’s ambition for 2020 was to give the Battle Journey a new dimension, with an option for players to get physical mementos of their year in World of Tanks.

WoT’s Year-in-Review Battle Journey is a fully personalized web experience that commemorates players’ own battle stats and in-game achievements of the past year.

The downloadable and printable poster displays the distance covered during the year, the number of awarded mastery badges, the number of battles that were fought, how many of them were victorious, and which was the best one.

Why did Wargaming choose to partner with Peecho?

Wargaming’s Senior Player Relationship Manager Margaux Frank says: “In order to propose a fast and easy way to purchase high-quality prints, we were looking for a partner that could offer a highly-customizable web solution. The Peecho team has been great to work with and showed high proactivity and responsiveness. They helped us deliver high-quality prints to our player base thanks to an easy-to-use API.”

Peecho not only provides Wargaming with API integration, high quality prints, and print optimized checkout, but it also offers advantageous prices, global fulfillment, worldwide shipping, and customer support.

How does the integration work?

By integrating with Peechos API, Wargaming offers WoT’s players the possibility to receive their print product of choice directly at their doorsteps.

The ordering process is quick and easy:

  1. Players can purchase print products featuring all their one year achievements by simply clicking on the button “Order your personalized poster or stickers” and completing Peechos checkout.
  2. Wargaming designs a digital file containing a player’s stats and automatically sends it to Peecho.
  3. Peecho creates the order, sends it to the printer, and delivers it to the player.

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