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Publishing platform Flipsnack introduces Print offering with Peecho

November 23, 2022

Peecho is happy to welcome Flipsnack as its newest partner and announce the start of a new promising collaboration. As of March 2020, the widely-used publishing platform Flipsnack implemented a print feature that allows its customers to easily order a hard copy of their work. Peecho, chosen for its wide range of services and guarantees, is excited to introduce Flipsnack to the community.

Who is Flipsnack?

Launched in 2011 and based in San Francisco, Flipsnack is a unique publishing platform where people from all over the globe can create page flip catalogs and magazines by uploading PDFs, or by designing them onto the platform directly.

The need for print

When asked which new functionalities or integrations they would have liked to see implemented, Flipsnack customers requested for their publications to be printed.

A survey conducted in 2019 revealed that 69.7% of the respondents were interested in ordering prints. In addition, 84% of them would have liked to order magazines and catalogs.

The reason why Flipsnack did not implement this feature sooner was the assumption that it would have been hard to find a solution that would tick all the boxes in terms of what they needed:

With the new integration, Flipsnack users do not have to research and find a printing solution on their own, nor do they have to download their publication and re-upload it on a printing platform. Easily implemented in 2020, the integration allows customers to order prints from Peecho, directly from Flipsnack.

Why did Flipsnack choose Peecho?

After researching different options online and contacting multiple platforms and printing services, Flipsnack ultimately chose Peecho because of its capability to fulfill every requirement. Peecho is able to provide Flipsnack with many different services and guarantees:

As one of the leading publishing platforms on the web, Flipsnack is now able to offer an all-round service to its customers.

“Our partnership with Peecho is the key to expanding our business into print,” says Bogdan Mile, Product Owner at Flipsnack. “For us it is critical to have a reliable print partner, because we want to offer our clients the best possible solution. Peecho has proven to be just that.”