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Self publishing made easy

Focus on crafting the perfect story, and let our print on demand solutions handle the rest. As your print on demand publishing platform, Peecho takes care of all the technical aspects, from start to finish. Whether you sell one copy or a million, we'll print your book or magazine on demand. All you need to do is concentrate on creating your best work.

Bridging the gap between content creation and global distribution

Irresistibly beautiful, our photo books and magazines will captivate your audience from the front cover to the last page. We offer a wide range of aspect ratios, including portrait, landscape, and square, to ensure your content is alway presented in the best possible format.

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Start selling without coding

Start selling print on demand products by adding our Print Button to your website or online portfolio. It's as simple as copying and pasting a link. Your customers will enjoy a well-tested checkout process that matches your site's look and feel. Our system then automatically routes each order to the closest printer in our global print network, ensuring fast and efficient delivery.

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Start selling with a single button

Access our Print API and Checkout solution by adding a Print Button link to your website, social media accounts or online portfolio.

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Sell globally, print locally

Access our global print network to start manufacturing products as close as possible to the final customer.

Connect with your audience instantly

Issuu provides content owners with print profits using Peecho

With more than two million digital publishers and 210, 000 publications added each month, Issuu has over four million original publications and serves over 3.5 billion monthly impressions. With our global network of printers, Peecho is able to service Issuu’s global user base with print on demand magazines and photo books.

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Articulate offers European readers a printed magazine with Peecho

Articulate Magazine is a quarterly contemporary art publication based in Aarhus, Denmark. The magazine serves as a platform for contemporary professionals, allowing artists to collaborate, share experiences, and discuss common issues. To minimize environmental impact and eliminate the need for print stock, Articulate Magazine offers its printed editions on-demand, which can be purchased directly through their website using Peecho's checkout system.

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Curious to know how much you could earn?

Based on a 64-page hardcover books with meta paper rough white. Use our product pricing calculator to find out the exact price.

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“Peecho has been a true blessing. The API was very easy to implement, Peecho doesn’t need any special formatting, it handles stuff other printers don’t, and the team is fantastic to work with!”
Eliza Donovan
Founder of BookBildr
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What happens when you sign up?

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We automatically make your files print-ready

You don’t have to add print marks or extra margins to your art files. Our service generates these automatically, so our each printer gets a custom print file optimised to their workflow, guaranteeing the best possible output quality.

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You get a link to start selling instantly

Once you upload a file or design, you can choose whether to add a simple "buy button" to your site. Anyone clicking this button is then automatically directed through our standard order flow, with every purchase getting instantly fulfilled by our print network.

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You get access to a branded checkout

Your customers won't realize they're using a third-party checkout, as you can customize it to match your website's design. The checkout supports multiple currencies, languages, and payment options, providing a smooth and localized experience for global audiences.

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You can offer a range of premium products

Whether it's photobooks, magazines, or posters, customers can select from a wide range of print on demand products to reproduce your work.

Frequently asked questions

Do I keep my copyright?

When uploading content, you retain your copyright at all times. By using our service, you grant us the right to create prints of your content for you and/or for the people who wish to purchase your content in print, if you allow them to do so. To fulfill these orders, we need to process and store your content, but we will never share it with any third parties. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions.

What does Peecho’s service include?

We’re not just global print fulfillment provider, we offer software and support that allows you to focus your time and money elsewhere. Payment collection, file processing, order routing, and even customer service is all handled by us. Once an order hits our system, we handle the entire fulfilment supply-chain for you.

Can I offer limited-edition prints?

Yes, you can. Limited edition prints allow you to set a maximum number of sales per product. So if you’re an artist and you’re interested in offering limited edition prints of a particular painting, you can pre-define how many prints you will sell.

Do you change my content?

No, we don’t. We do not stretch, cut off or change any content. We will only offer products that are either the original size or smaller, but never bigger or distorted. Only when your product file is smaller than our smallest product will we increase the size a bit to make it fit – but without distortion.