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Turn a PDF into a book with Peecho

September 12, 2023

Transforming a PDF to book, one that’s professionally and beautifully printed isn’t something that’s easily done at home. Unless you’ve got specialized printers and binding materials that can print a book from PDF at scale, you’re going to need help.

pdf to book

Lucky for you, Peecho has developed a solution that makes it very easy for you to order or sell a book from a PDF. Whether you just need a single copy or want to ship hundreds of copies all over the globe by through Print On Demand, Peecho has got you covered.

Choose from a selection of hardcover, softcover, and layflat books with no minimum volume requirement. You don't even need to prepare your PDF for printing. We'll make it print ready and even add bleed and cut marks.

Get complete end-to-end service with Peecho when printing a book from PDF. Everything from point of sales to file processing, printing, and worldwide shipping is handled for you.

How to get your PDF print ready

Make sure that you follow these simple instructions so that the PDF to book printing process goes smoothly.  

pdf to book printing

Document dimensions

It's not possible to dynamically trim hardcover books to reflect the entire aspect ratio range. To that end, these products have fixed dimensions that are detailed here. The cover and inside pages should be in the same PDF file. The file should have single pages only as double-page spreads won't be accepted. The first page of the PDF will be printed on the front cover.

Resolution (DPI)

The document resolution for your PDF to book print should be at least 220 DPI, particularly if the document contains a lot of text and line art. The maximum print size is defined by the dimensions of the document. This requires the DPI of any embedded images to be calculated with respect to the dimensions of the source PDF.

Color profile

RBG is the recommended color profile. CMYK can be submitted as well but do note that our system will automatically convert it to RGB since our suppliers require this particular color profile.


For the cover, it's advised to leave a margin of at least 1 cm alongside the borders. Within the inside of the cover, it's recommended to leave approximately 2cm near the spice as this is where the pages will be glued. All remaining pages should ideally have a 1cm clear space near the borders. Read more about margins here.

Read more about setting up your document for printing here.

How to turn your PDF into a book with Peecho

Step 1: Head over to Peecho's Direct Order page and click on Upload file.

Step 2: Once your file is uploaded, choose the type of product you'd like.

Step 3: Select the size you'd prefer. The pricing updates dynamically to adapt to the choices you make during this stage.

Step 4: Choose how many copies you’d like to get printed. The greater the volume, the higher the discounts you get to enjoy. 

Step 5: Lastly, punch in the recipient’s details, check everything to make sure it's okay, then proceed to the payment page to pay for the service. 

Want to sell your own book from PDF? Get started on our Direct Order page and we’ll get to work for you right away!