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How Polarsteps turned users’ journeys into lifetime memories with Peecho

November 23, 2022

Polarsteps is a popular app that allows travellers all around the world to record their trips in full detail and share them with friends and family.

The challenge

Polarsteps initially didn’t offer travel books, but after many feature requests from users, they set out to implement this.

The idea to offer printed travel books as part of our monetization strategy didn’t come from ourselves. It was a feature requested by a lot of users at the same time. We chose this monetization strategy because there was demand. It allowed us to generate value for the user, while supporting our business growth. Venture Capital (VCs) investors only want to go into business with companies that have a certain revenue stream. So making ourselves more attractive to VCs also played a role in the consideration to start with monetization.

In order to do this, they needed to turn their users’ content into travel books, print them on-demand and deliver it to their customers. They wouldn’t have been able to do this without Peecho.

The solution

By integrating with Peecho’s API, Polarsteps is able to print and deliver premium quality photo books all around the globe:

Users can print their digital journeys directly from the app. A simple click on the “Buy Travel Book” button generates a beautiful formatted photobook, which is then sent via the print API to Peecho, printed and shipped to the users doorsteps.

Currently, their travel books generate the biggest share of revenue.

By using Peecho, we could offer Polarsteps travel books with minimum effort. In fact, we still do very little, and barely any marketing. We only added the Peecho checkout to our website and app, and then implemented a couple of push notifications to let users know they can order a travel book, two or three days before their trip has ended. That’s the only thing we did.