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How to self publish with print on demand

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November 17, 2022

There are many reasons why publishers now prefer self publish print on demand solutions as opposed to the more traditional methods. The versatility it provides remains unmatched and it enables them to make their products available to a larger market without having to make significant investments in materials and machinery.

self publish print on demand

If you're in this business, then it probably sounds like a dream come true. It can indeed be challenging to find the right ​​book printing on demand partner but that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. Once you find the right partner, all of the pieces fall in place and you’re able to harness the power of self publish print on demand and thrive in the lucrative publishing industry.

Ways to self publish a print book or magazine

Offset Printing

For decades, books, newspapers, magazines, and more have been made with offset printing. It's one of the most common printing methods used commercially. It uses plates, often made from aluminum, to transfer the image onto a rubber blanket which is then rolled onto a sheet of paper. 

It has long been regarded as "true" self-publishing since it's entirely possible for you to do everything yourself. You can choose to work with an offset printing subcontractor but they'll usually require you to purchase in large quantities to make the price per item more affordable. The other option is to buy your own offset printer and start producing books and magazines in your basement.

Either way, you remain responsible for the logistics, from packing orders to shipping them and handling returns. The entire process can be a hassle which is why many are now shifting towards self publish print on demand solutions. 

Print on demand

A print on demand solution automates the entire process for you. Everything from the printing to the logistics can be handled through one single dashboard. You only print in as much quantity as you need. 

Choose from a variety of print products to pick what suits your requirements best. It’s a more versatile solution to self publish since you’re not required to meet a significant minimum order volume and you don’t need to purchase expensive offset printing equipment to do everything yourself.

How does self publishing print on demand work

What is print on demand?

Print on demand is a process in which the books, magazines, and other similar products are not printed until the order is received. The benefit for self publishers like you is that you can choose exactly what quantity to get printed. It’s far cheaper than having to pay for a substantial minimum order quantity or buying an offset printer. 

Print on demand vs self publishing

It’s common to confuse the two as it can be assumed that perhaps print on demand is something else entirely when compared to self publishing. On the contrary, print on demand simply adds versatility and flexibility to your self publishing endeavors. 

You're still self publishing when using print on demand, it's just a different method of fulfillment. The book or magazine is only printed when you get an order and then shipped directly to the customer. The entire process can be set up so that you don't even have to touch the inventory. You get the order, pass it on to the printer, and it ships the product to the customer. 

How much money can you make? 

Self publishing offers more creative control and better royalties when compared to conventional publishing. It’s usually the better option for those who are just starting out. Opting for a print on demand solution helps increase the revenue that you can generate. You’re free to set a margin over the base printing and logistics cost of the book or magazine. That margin is your pure profit. 

Distributing your book

The internet makes it quite easy to distribute self published books and to get people interested in them. Use your own social media channels to showcase your best work. You can also use popular book-selling platforms like Amazon and Ingram Spark is another company that helps people self publish books.

Benefits of self publishing through print on demand

There are virtually no upfront costs associated with self publish print on demand. You'll only have to pay for printing once you get an order. Despite that, you're able to offer high quality products with exceptional print quality. Print on demand also makes it possible to sell your work anywhere, even through your social media profiles.

How to successfully self-publish a book or magazine via Peecho

Peecho gives you a fully automated print on demand solution, allowing you to sell high quality products and manage the entire process through one single dashboard. All you need to get started is a PDF document of the book or magazine that you've created. This PDF should be ready for print, so be mindful of the document's layout. Want to test it out? Try our PDF to book service.

For example, the content shouldn't be too close to the border. You can use the dashboard to customize the spine or leave it blank should you so desire. Peecho lets you set your own margin so that when you self publish the work through the platform, you'll know exactly how much profit each sale brings in.

A print link will automatically be created for every publication that you upload. All that's left now is to share this link online or install it on your website and start seeing the sales coming in. Even if you don't have an e-commerce website, our Plug and Print Checkout solution makes it possible to sell using your social media pages.

Peecho handles everything for you. From printing to logistics and even returns, this is automation for your self publishing business like you’ve never experienced before. 

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