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Sharing our vision for the future of print, this time on GigaOM | October 8, 2012

For a startup like ours, getting featured on GigaOM is the kind of newsthat calls for a little dance and...

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What Bruce Willis tells us about digital media and the future of print | September 10, 2012

Early last week, the UK’s DailyMail reported that Bruce Willis was considering legal action againstApple for the right to hand...

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How to print a document that doesn’t exist yet | August 31, 2012

At Peecho,we like to achieve the impossible. We have been printing high qualityproducts using cloud technology worldwide for over two...

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New, Lower Prices for Peecho Magazines and Books. Hooray! | August 24, 2012

We have been listening attentively to user feedback and are happy toannounce a significant reduction in our wholesale prices for...

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Celebrating uniqueness in a gift: Boekje Voor Jou Prints Personalized Books | August 17, 2012

Finding a special gift for friends and family can be quite a task, evenwith all of the options we have...

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When PastBook met Peecho – or how to launch a print service in the blink of an eye | July 20, 2012

“Rock. Crazy. Memorable.” Those were the words PastBook’s StefanoCutello chose to describe his experience moving from Italy to Amsterdam.Stefano and...

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Peecho Customer Care: Checkout & International Delivery Improvements | July 13, 2012

As we mentioned in a previouspost, the whizzkids in the Peecho development team have been workinghard to improve our checkout...

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Peecho for Retailers: Le Petit Tom prints beautiful catalogues on demand | July 3, 2012

In this day and age, businesses have to create amazing content tocapture people’s attention and garner word of mouth. Brandsare...

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