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Swedish Illustrator Rebecca Landmér talks print on demand for artists | March 12, 2013

Image courtesy of Rebecca LandmérFrank Zappa once said that “art is making something out of nothing, and selling it.”...

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Erwin Blom, author and media innovator, shares his take on publishing | March 5, 2013

Image courtesy of Erwin BlomErwin Blom is a Dutch blogger, author and award-winning media strategist. In 2008 he co-...

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Penguins of the World Unite: Peecho Joins Forces with Bella Papadopoulou for Environmental Awareness | February 27, 2013

Bella prepping her penguin gearIt’s always a joy to meet people that are committed to make the world a better...

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Now Live: Profit Schemes for Merchants | February 15, 2013

Last December we rolled out our new service plans and a simplified product catalogue. Today, we launched another feature that...

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5 Tips for Using Coupon Codes to Market your Peecho Print Product | January 28, 2013

Last week, we unveiled a new feature that lets Peecho merchants issue coupons and offer discounts to their customers. Coupons are a...

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Introducing Peecho coupon codes for merchants | January 22, 2013

If you’ve been eagerly waiting to run a promotion that can boost your publication’s sales, the wait is over: our...

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Bureau Spoorbouwmeester prints its Spoorbeeld publications with Peecho | January 15, 2013

Spoorbeeld publications (image courtesy of Bureau Spoorbouwmeester)Every year, the Dutch railway system facilitates 348 million journeys. People commute to...

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Weekmenu prints personalized cookbooks to make foodie dreams come true | January 4, 2013

Weekmenu cover design (image courtesy of Weekmenu)Weekmenu is a food platform, found in print, online and in app, that helps you create...

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