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How to offer Limited Editions of your prints in order to create more sales

September 12, 2023
Marketing tips

In today’s market, it’s assumed that a low number of prints available in the edition makes the print more valuable and collectible. A limited edition is an issue of a book, magazine or photograph that is advertised to be limited to a relatively small number of copies. Limited stands for exclusivity and it can encourage impulse purchases. Moreover, offering your print as a limited edition can increase the value of your publication. In this blog post, I will set out how to offer limited editions via Peecho and I will give you some tips on how to use limited editions to create more sales.

Decide how many prints will be in the limited edition

The amount of prints in your limited edition can be any number. It is all up to you. I would advise you to investigate how many prints you sell per ‘’normal’’ edition. And then offer 10% of this number as a limited edition. Do you you usually sell about 50 copies of your book? Offer 5 copies of the limited edition. It’s best to start with a small number. When your limited edition turns out to be a big success, you can always offer more limited editions.

Offer limited editions via Peecho

Peecho, being a print on demand service is very suitable to offer limited editions. Offering limited editions of your work via Peecho is easy. This is how you do it:

1. Log in to Peecho and go to your dashboard.

2. Click on ‘’publications’’ in the top menu.

3. Click on the publication you want to offer a limited amount of prints of.

4. Click on ‘’settings’’ in the left menu.

5. Click on the check box next to ‘’limited number of prints available.’’

6. In the field below that, you can fill out the maximum number of prints you want to offer.

Set out what is so special about this edition

The limited edition of your book or magazine is rare and people should have the feeling that they are lucky that they managed to purchase a copy. It is important to set out what is so special about this edition. For example, you can offer a special edition of one of your books or magazines with an exclusive cover design, extra chapters or revealing pictures. You can also make a difference in the product: offer the normal photograph as a poster and the limited edition as a framed poster. People like to have something other people do not have. So when they have to choose between the regular or the limited edition, they will be more likely to buy the limited edition

Market your limited edition

Without marketing, people will not be aware of your exclusive product. Make sure your advertisement of the limited edition has striking colours and is placed on a visible place on your website. You can also give the print button a different colour or design. Share the print link of the publication on social media and don’t forget to mention the exclusiveness of the edition. You can share the print link via email, as well: you can find tips on email marketing in this blog post.  

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