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Ewa’s second self-published magazine: her readers absolutely love it

September 12, 2023
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She created a second self-published magazine and she is over the moon by its early success: Ewa Larsson. Do you remember her? She breeds and shows Bulldogs and last year, she told us about her magazine TheDogMagazine: a magazine that features a different breed every month. She created another magazine that only covers the breed Cane Corso and we are very happy she found the time to tell us more about it!

1. When and why did you start Cane Corso Magazine?

‘’In Summer 2016, The Cane Corso Magazine has published its first printed and online edition. I, Ewa Larsson, fulfill the role of the publisher, designer and art director. Corina Cotoi is our Managing Editor. We publish 3 editions per year which are available in 2 forms: digital magazine and printed copies. Our team of professionals strives to bring to our readers a beautifully designed magazine with top quality adverts, a magazine first in the world which directly targets the Cane Corso. Every edition of the Cane Corso Magazine, among other things, is featuring interesting interviews and articles about well-known and highly respected breeders, handlers and judges. The Cane Corso Magazine also offers worldwide advertising to their readers .’’

Ewa Larsson

2. What is self-published magazine Cane Corso Magazine about and what makes it different from the other magazine?

‘’This magazine is different because we target 1 specific breed with this prestigious A4 glossy full colour publication, packed with interviews and articles by Cane Corso Breeders, Cane Corso owners, Cane Corso trainers, Cane Corso judges and shows, Cane Corso photographers, Cane Corso friendly vets - everything for the Cane Corso Fanciers... Our goal is to promote responsible dog breeding and ownership, we promote show kennels and show dogs, but also the goal is to reach out to pet owners and new potential buyers, as well as to inform and educate the general public. To offer free dog advice, dog breed profiles, and dog training tips.’’

3. In your first month, the magazine is already popular! Who are your customers and how did you promote your magazine?

‘’Thank you, yes, we are over the moon and very pleased that the self-published magazine has established itself within such a short period of time and that we get such great feedback from our readers! People love our magazine! Our customers are Cane Corso breeders, owners as well as people who are new to the breed and who, prior to purchasing their first Cane Corso, try to learn a lot and establish if this particular breed is suitable for them and their lifestyle.’’

4. How do you manage to focus on two magazines?!

‘’I love what I am doing and it gives me great satisfaction when people get back to me saying they have just received their printed magazine and they absolutely love it and can’t wait for the next issue to come out. This gives me strength and pushes me forward even more, but of course as with everything else, you have to love what you are doing and then you will do it well.With pride I can add that in fact we have now published a hardcover book which is selling very well, this book is referred to as “ The Cane Corso Bible”, until now it has been only available in Italian. The Cane Corso magazine was approached by one of the writers with a proposal to redesign and publish their book in English which we of course gladly did, what an honour! Therefore the “ Il Cane Corso “ is the FIRST and ONLY English translation of this extraordinary book about the Cane Corso breed, by Stefano Gandolfi and Fernando Casolino, with the collaboration of Antonio Morsiani and Gianantonio Sereni.’’

self-published magazine

You can find more information about Cane Corso Magazine on www.canecorso-magazine.com and you can buy the hardcover book ‘’Il Cane Corso’’ via this link: www.peecho.com/print/en/277247. Did you create your own self-published magazine and would you like to sell it via print on demand just like Ewa Larsson? Just create a Peecho account and get started. Self-publishing via Peecho is free and we are always willing to help you out.