Print your PDF into a Coffee Table Book

You see them more and more: coffee table books. In coffee shops of course, but also in people’s homes and in trendy fashion stores. It is always nice to flip the pages of these books and dream away with its content. Suppose you could create your own book and print your PDF into a coffee table book to put on your own coffee table or to allow others to buy it in print? Via Peecho, you can. Print PDF coffee table book

What is a coffee table book?

In theory, you could put any book on your coffee table but not all books cause a nice conversation. A coffee table book is an oversized hardcover book to display on a table to entertain guests and to inspire conversation. These book prints are mainly pictorial and the subject of the book tells visitors something about the interests of the owner. Coffee table books can be about anything you are passionate about: art, photography, travelling, typography etc.

Print your PDF into a coffee table book

One might think that coffee table books can only be printed by traditional publishers but nothing could be further from the truth. Just create a PDF, upload it in your Peecho dashboard and order your very own hardcover coffee table book. No minimum volumes are required when you order a print via Peecho. But you might want to order a few more copies for family and friends. After all, it is your masterpiece.

Sell your coffee table book via print on demand

The entrepreneurs among us might also be interested in selling their coffee table book PDF via print on demand. This can be done easily by installing a print button on your website, sharing a print link via social media or email or use the WordPress plugin. Moreover, you can decide how much profit you want to make. People from all over the world will be able to buy your PDF as print on demand and it does not cost you anything.

Sizes hardcover books

You can find the sizes and the prices of Peecho’s hardcover books on this page. All of our hardcover books are perfect bound and printed on glossy paper. Recently, we added a new size hardcover book to our offerings: 249 x 249 centimeters.


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