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Print your PDF into a coffee table book

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November 17, 2022

Looking for the perfect decorative element for your living room? Coffee table book printing has become as popular as ever.

Let’s explore together what a coffee table book is, how you can easily create one yourself, and how you can even make profit by selling it.

What’s a coffee table book?

A coffee table book is a large, casual reading book containing lots of pictures. It has a professional feel to it and it’s intended to be looked at rather than read.

Other than serving as a decorative element for your living room, it can be used to break the ice with guests and start a conversation. Immortalize your family, wedding, and travel photos in the form of a coffee table book, and share your memories with your guests.

Print a professional-looking coffee table book

During the past few years, coffee table books have become essential pieces of home decor. Wondering how to add that perfect touch to your living room? Just create a PDF, upload it to Peecho, and order your very own hardcover coffee table book.

Need some help creating the perfect file? Follow Peecho’s file design guidelines or use an already existing photo album template offered by Peecho’s publishing partner Flipsnack.

After you’ve built the perfect file, create a free Peecho account and upload your PDF in our dashboard. Once there, you can add a spine, choose the hardcover book size you prefer, and order.

Peecho will take care of production and worldwide delivery for you. There are no minimum volumes required, but you might want to order a few more copies for family and friends.

Sell your coffee table book via print on demand

If the artist in you wishes to put your coffee table book up for sale, you can do so via Peecho, too.

Once you’ve set up your catalogue and profit, you can integrate a Peecho print button to your website with a simple piece of Java Code, or create your own button and add the URL of the Publication’s checkout instead.

If you don’t have a website, you can also share the Publication’s checkout link via email or social media. And if Instagram is your to go platform, check our article on how to sell on Instagram without a website.

Are you ready to create, print, and sell your very own coffee table book yet?

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