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Integrating the Peecho API and checkout: Issuu

September 12, 2023

The print landscape has faced some drastic changes over past decades. Traditional media organisations have felt the pressure to digitize in response to changing reader preferences and the internet has given rise to a new wave of independent publishers, addressing reader niches overlooked by larger media organisations.Issuu emerged as an early mover in the face of these changes, offering independent publishers a platform to have their work distributed and read around the world. Founded in 2006, Issuu now hosts over 30 million documents and attracts over 100 million unique visitors every month. With features such as collaborative tools and analytics, Issuu has become a popular platform for creatives to grow their digital publication. [caption id="attachment_5568" align="alignnone" width="398"]

Issuu has created their own "Order Print" button that connects to the Peecho checkout[/caption]Even as a digital platform, Issuu realised the value of adding print to its offering early in its life. In 2014, Issuu joined forces with Peecho to offer their publishers the option of ordering their work in high-quality print. With our global network of printers, Peecho is able to effectively service Issuu’s global user base. By printing closest to the customer’s location, we are able to make shipping more efficient and minimise environmental impact. What’s more, we have taken the time to carefully vet each and everyone of our printers to ensure that a customer's product is the same in every country.Issuu’s long-standing CEO, Joe Hyrkin, had this to say about adding print to their platform with Peecho’s print API:

“Digital media has made publishing easier than ever before, but nothing beats the elegance of print. Issuu serves a global publisher community, so we are thrilled to partner with Peecho, who can both manage the variety of individual document sizes and also delivery on a global scale. ”

Print API and the Peecho checkout

For those wanting to integrate with Peecho, we offer the choice to use our checkout for a build-free print solution, or simply integrating our API with your existing checkout flow. Even for a large platform like Issuu, it made sense to utilise the existing Peecho checkout. The entire flow has been designed with print in mind. It intelligently understands which printed product can be created from a file and allows users to effortlessly choose between available products. The design of the checkout is fully customisable with branding and colorscheme, and is available in 9 languages and over 60 currencies.

To integrate with our print API and use our checkout

Step 1: Create a Peecho Account

Create an account with Peecho and set the products that you want to offer in the settings. If you would like to offer fixed prices for your products, you can set these by product or by category.

Step 2: Customize your checkout

Next, customize your checkout with your own branding, color scheme, background image, logo and font. This can easily be done in your Peecho settings. If you are after a greater level of customisation, you can contact us directly.

Step 3: Create an “order button” for your website

On your end, you should create an “order button” through which your customers can order from you. We provide you with the end points and parameters for you to use, linking it to the checkout. Please note, a format of json or XML is required.Once set up, this button will give your customers access to the checkout where they can order different products and enter their shipping details.

Step 4: Let your customers order

Our print API works by utilizing an asynchronous print solution that allows your app or platform to communicate with our print network using a number of calls.When an order is made by one of your customers, our API will send you a pingback to the URL you provide to us, requesting the file for print, and you reply with the source using the endpoint we provide.Once done, our print API allocates your customers order to the best-fit printer and we handle payment processing, delivery, and customer service for you. It is as simple as that! To learn more about integrating with Peecho, you can read our API documentation or email support@peecho.com to schedule a skype call.