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How photo book app Resnap integrated their service with Peecho's Print API

September 12, 2023
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An interview with Luc Hendriks, co-founder of Resnap.

It’s the same story every year. You came back from a wonderful holiday and you made tons of beautiful pictures. You would love to make a selection of these pictures and create a holiday photo book but it is just so time consuming. You end up not making a photo book at all and as the years pass, you forget about the pictures. Resnap offers the ultimate solution. Within one minute, Resnap creates a photo book for you. They integrated their service with the Peecho Print API so the photo books are printed via Peecho. Luc Hendriks, co-founder of Resnap, tells us more about Resnap and their integration with the Peecho Print API.

1. When and why did you start Resnap?

‘’We started ReSnap about 3.5 years ago with the idea to create social media photo books automatically. Everyone puts a lot of photos on social media, and only a handful of them contain your most valuable moments. We wanted to create a tool to bring those moments back into a physical photo book, so they do not get overshadowed by all the other updates anymore.’’

2. What is Resnap about?

‘’Back then it was to relive your memories on social media. We noticed that a lot of our customers wanted the same ease of use (a photo book in a minute), but for their camera pictures instead of social media photos. That is why we shifted our focus to photo books in general: the ReSnap photo book is a beautiful photo book, where all of the hard work is done automatically for you. You only have to spend a few minutes to make it really your own! The big questions that we have to answer for this are: how do we select the best photos out of a set of photos (for example: we need to select the top 200 photos out of 1500 holiday pictures), and how do we create a good layout for this? The answer to both questions is machine learning. So ReSnap is not only a photo book company, we also do a lot of research in machine learning and computer vision in particular.’’

3. How did you find out about Peecho's Print API?

‘’Our main focus is an easy to use editor, good automated selections and a great user experience. To be able to focus on that as much as possible, we wanted to work together with a partner that handles as much of the rest as possible: the ordering process, processing PDFs to make them print ready and shipping, coupon codes, etcetera. When we were searching for a printing partner, we found Peecho to be not only that, but also a partner that could save us lots of development time that we can now spend on developing our core features.’’

4. Why is Peecho's Print API the solution for Resnap?

‘’The Peecho Print API saves our development team a lot of time, that we can spend on the product instead. A fully fledged editor, the automated selection process and the computer vision techniques we need to develop and maintain are complicated. Using Peecho's Print API means we do not have to think about "everything after the order button".’’

5. How did you integrate the Print API with your service?

‘’The print-ready PDF file does not exist yet when the product is bought, as this takes too long for a user to wait for. Luckily, the print button accepts an asynchronous order. This means that when someone buys a photo book, Peecho pings our service that a PDF should be generated. We launch a server to generate the PDF and when it is done we ping Peecho back with the location of the PDF. Quite easy, really!’’

6. Who are your customers and how do you promote your app?

‘’Our customers are mainly people who want a photo book, but do not want to create one using traditional software, or didn't like the process. Either because it takes too long, the software is not user friendly or some other reason. When we ask people why they still need to create their photo book from the last holiday (or holidays!), they almost always answer: "it takes way too much time." That is the problem we fix. Currently we promote our service using different kinds of advertising networks and also by white labelling our software. For example, the Dutch company Vliegtickets has integrated our photo book software.’’

7. What kind of feedback do you get from your customers about your app?

‘’They love the ease of use of our software! Using traditional software it costs about 20 hours on average to create a photo book, while our users spend around 30 minutes perfecting it before they order the book.’’

You can find more information about Resnap on their website.

Would you like to integrate your app with the Peecho Print API? Contact us or read more about the print API in our API documentation.