Getting started with Peecho: A how-to guide for publishers

If you’re a publisher looking for an extra revenue stream for your
online publications, we’d love to help you out. Our cloud
print button
allows you to sell your digital assets as print
products to readers all over the world, we even take care of the
payments and shipping! In this post, we’ll walk you through our sign up
process to get you started selling prints. You can also watch the video
below to get a visual example.

Step one

The first thing we need from you is your email and password, quick and
simple. Then, we will ask you to enter your website name and your
website’s URL (Make sure to include the http://). Subsequently, we’ll
inquire about the kind of file and the quantity of documents you would
like to print.

Printing a single document with Peecho

Whether you choose to print a PDF or an image, please make sure your
file is available for download via a public URL. Fetch your
publication’s URL and enter it into the URL field. If you choose to
print a PDF, we will ask you to specify the number of pages. Currently,
we support documents of 16 pages or more.

To guarantee the best quality print, you’ll also want to specify your
document’s dimensions. If your document is a PDF, these should be
specified in millimeters and if you’re printing an image file, the size
should be indicated in pixels. This handy
can help you convert your units, in case your measurements are
in inches or centimeters. Finally, we will give you a unique button code
which you can insert in your website’s HTML. Visit our FAQs
to learn about styling the button with your own CSS and get more

Printing multiple documents with Peecho

If you want to print multiple publications, the sign up process is
simple: you just need to tell us the format of your documents and the
number of pages. After this, we’ll provide you with your own button
code. Implementing the button on your website can be slightly trickier
in this case, as the variables in the button will have to be replaced
for each publication. This might sound a bit daunting, but all you need
is a friendly developer to work some magic for you in the back-end. Read
our developer
for more details.

Choosing pricing and print products

After you’ve created your account and received your button code, you can
set your profit margin and select the type of print products you want to
sell by going to “buttons” and clicking on each offering in your admin
dashboard. Once you’ve done this,you can track the amount of orders
coming in from the “orders” tab.

Questions, feedback? Feel free to drop us a line in the comments or read
a review of our cloud print button to get inspired!

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