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Getting started with Peecho: A how-to guide

September 12, 2023

So you’ve decided to bring your creations to life in luscious print products. From sign-up to selling, let's dive into the 4-step process of sharing your creations with the world, and making money with your work.

Here are the 4 steps:

  1. Sign Up and Log In
  2. Upload Those Creations
  3. Finetune Your Publication
  4. Start Selling

1. Sign up and Log In

Clicking the [Get started] button will lead you to a sign-up form. Or click [Login] and then [Sign up]. Choose your preferred email address and a strong password.

You will receive a confirmation link at the email address you provided. Click this link to activate your account. Log in to your dashboard by clicking [Log in] at the top of the page, using the credentials you’ve just chosen.

Once logged in, t the top is your current profit, shown in your preferred currency.


Welcome to your sales operations headquarters. Under ‘Insights’, you will see a roster of four data graphs: 

These will offer insights in your sales once you have uploaded a publication. At this point, they will still be empty. But we’ll change that soon!

Announcements Section

To the right is an Announcements section. Here you’ll regularly find essential updates and news about suppliers. 

Below it, you’ll find your latest uploads once you’ve completed the next step.

2. Upload Those Creations

Click the [Upload new publications] button at the top. This will take you to a new screen. 

Before you can start uploading and selling your products, make sure to read and agree to Peecho’s File Design Guidelines and Seller Terms and Conditions first. Tick the box to confirm you have read them. This will reveal the [Upload a file] button.

Click it, choose your preferred file from the pop-up screen, and hit Upload. Supported files are PDFs and image files (in JPEG and PNG formats).

By now, you will already have received an email from us, confirming that you’ve made your first upload. It contains a sales link that you can send around to your fans. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves:

3. Finetune Your Publication

You will be taken to the publication settings screen. It is divided in a sidebar to the left, and three boxes to the right.


The sidebar shows your file’s properties, such as the thumbnail, file type, dimensions, number of pages, etc. It also shows two big blue buttons, which you’ll need in Step 4.

Publication Properties

Product Details

In the first box, you can set a title and the range of products on which your work can be printed, as well as available colors and sizes. Choose your preferred settings, and click [Save].  

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to click [Save] before you proceed to the next box, as this influences some of the following parameters.

Example: Your publication is a photo of Las Vegas by Night. You can set this as the title, and then set the filter of available products to ‘print’. As you want your photo available in all sizes, the rest of the settings are fine as they are. Click [Save]. Now proceed to the second box.

Product Pricing

In the second box, you can define your selling prices. You can set these for separate products (as defined in box 1). The ‘Wholesale Price’ field shows you how much it will cost you to print these products. The ‘Your profit’ field shows you how much you will earn per product. Ideally, you want your selling price to be higher than the wholesale price. The difference will be your profit.

Please note that in many countries, it is obligatory to include taxes in your pricing. Tick the ‘Fixed prices are including taxes’ box if this applies to your situation.

Example: Your Las Vegas by Night photo can be printed in various sizes. You can choose your selling price per size. You intend to sell it in the European Union. Tick the ‘fixed prices are including taxes’ box. Click [Save].

Adding a Spine

If you upload book or a magazine, it will have a blank spine by default. You can change the spine through the settings. Please note: this is only available to users with a Merchant account. 

Advanced Settings

In the third box, you have the option to change some advanced settings. For instance, if you want your product to have limited availability. You can also add an extra description here to offer some insights into your product, or an extra incentive to buy. Don’t forget to click [Save] here as well, to include your advanced parameters in your publication.

4. Start Selling

Once you’ve set all parameters right, it’s time to start selling your publication! You can do this in multiple ways. 

Order and Ship It Yourself

Using the [Order Print] button in the left sidebar, you can order a printed copy of your own work. This lets you check the quality, as well as send it to buyers on your own terms. Clicking this button will lead you through our check-out procedure. (It’s the same one your fans will go through).

Use Peecho’s Print Button

By clicking [Sell print] in the left sidebar, you will get a pop-up page showing you Peecho’s print button and a whole bunch of code. By copy-pasting this code into your website’s HTML, you can add the button directly to your website.* Buyers who click this button are intuitively led through Peecho’s check-out procedure. You can just sit back and watch it happen. 

💡Pro tip: Customize with Your Branding

If you want this check-out funnel to look and feel like an integral part of your website, you can give it a make-over under General Settings in the Management tab, available through the cog icon in top right of the dashboard bar.

Send Buyers a Purchase Link

If you click the [Sell print] button in the left sidebar, the pop-up page shows you a link down at the bottom. Copy this link, and send it to your customers. Or put it somewhere prominently on  your page. It will lead them straight to Peecho’s check-out procedure.

And that’s it. You can sell your products now!

Tweaks After the Fact?

Already published, but still need to make some final tweaks? No problemo! You can always go back in and change your settings.

If you have any further questions, rest assured that your answers are most likely waiting for you in our extensive Knowledge Base. Whether you're seeking guidance on fine-tuning your creations or navigating the ins and outs of selling, the Knowledge Base is your compass.

Should you find yourself in need of direct assistance, you're welcome to submit a request with our Support. Contact details for our team can be found in the Knowledge Base, too!