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23snaps partners with Peecho to bring their digital photo albums to print

September 12, 2023
Blog|Peecho publishers

23snaps is a private photo sharing app for parents. Until now, this beautifully-designed app has allowed parents to collect photos, videos and updates of their children in a digital journal. But the folks at 23snaps also wanted users to be able to enjoy this precious content in print. So last month, they started working with Peecho to offer print on demand photo books! We spoke with 23snaps’ Meaghan Fitzgerald to find out why the move towards print made sense.Meaghan, can you tell us why you wanted to integrate print on demand into your offering?

We recognized that there's something wonderful about holding a cherished photograph or photo book in your hands. Print is a really special format. It reminds people of albums and photographs they enjoyed with their family and friends when they were young, and the tactile nature of books and prints really enhances the emotional experience of viewing those memories.
Perhaps more importantly, printed books and photos can connect multiple generations. Many modern photo sharing services can alienate less tech-savvy family members who aren't comfortable with complicated web or mobile apps. Our aim is to make 23snaps the best way for parents to save and privately share photos and memories of their children with family and close friends. That means making content accessible in whatever form is right for each member of the family - whether that's mobile, online, email or print.
We see print as a way to further enjoy special memories while connecting every member of the family through photos of the children they love.

How are your users reacting to the new print features?

The new 23snaps printing features have been incredibly well received. Not only have we had some great press from both tech and consumer publications around the launch of this new feature, but the books and prints are getting really positive feedback from 23snaps users and their families. We've also had some fantastic suggestions from users that will help us continue to improve printing options and layouts for our products going forward.
23snaps photo books - image courtesy of 23snaps

23snaps photo books - image courtesy of 23snapsOrdering photo books with 23snaps is really easy. You simply need to select a minimum of 24 images from your own photos or those that have been shared with you in the app. A preview option is also included, so you can set a cover image and see a mockup of what your book will look like. Once you’re satisfied with the way your book looks, you can place your order and the book gets delivered to your chosen shipping address.Download 23snaps and start creating stunning photo albums to share with your family today!