General content

Content includes messages, images and other data that you post to forums, groups, websites or services that can be viewed by other users. Content is also the material that you submit for production, publication or other distribution through our services.

When posting content, you keep your copyright. However, you grant Peecho the non-exclusive right to post, display, copy, and modify the content and to sell or otherwise transfer that content within the limitations of the operation of the forum, group or other location to which the content was posted.

Publication terms

When you provide content for publication, production, distribution or sale, additional rules apply. Users, including – but not limited to – third party application owners (“merchants”, people who use Peecho as a business-to-business service) and their consumers, grant Peecho a non-exclusive, worldwide, fully-paid and royalty-free license to reproduce and distribute the content they deliver for the purpose of printing and distributing the products that they ordered through their applications or otherwise. Users agree that Peecho reserves the right to maintain and store the electronic files for this purpose and to maintain an archival copy.

Peecho does not alter the content of a product in any way. We don’t proof, edit or change images, texts or other assets. So, Peecho is not responsible for the content of any product that is ordered through our services. Don’t blame us for misspelled words, factual errors, grammatical mistakes, poor quality pictures and so on. The owners of the third party applications (the people that we call “merchants”) are fully responsible for the content they or their users deliver to us for production, including personal information of users and other people.

Bad things

Peecho does not allow content to be submitted that goes against the law in The Netherlands, the country in which you reside, or the country of the merchant or the country of the recipient. The final choice of whether an account is in violation of any of these policies is at the sole discretion of Peecho. Violation of any of these policies may result in tracking information being stored to identify the offending user, and permanent restriction from holding an account on the service.

We expect all our users to respect the intellectual property of others. However, if you believe that your work has been copied, posted, or used in any way that constitutes copyright infringement (whether on the Peecho web site or in any product created using Peecho software applications, third party software applications or any of our services), please contact the legal department of Peecho. We will investigate the matter and may take the associated content and resulting print jobs out of our systems if necessary. We may even ban the offending user if we see enough reason to do so.