If you host your own files or have files in a database, you might not want to upload your publications first. You can add a reference to the source file in your button anchor instead.

After you signed up, you can just skip the upload step and start playing around with the manual configurator to see how it works.

So, instead of using the ‘data-publication’ data element, you will have to set the source attribute. An example is the following.

<a title='Peecho Print Button' href='http://www.peecho.com/' class='peecho-print-button' data-filetype='pdf' data-width='210' data-height='297' data-pages='32' data-src='https://peecho-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/storage/flight-images/pdf/demo/peecho-book-portrait-297x210mm-32pages.pdf' data-thumbnail='https://peecho-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/storage/flight-images/demo/book.jpg'>Print book from PDF</a>

Print book from PDF