Additional features

To improve the user experience, you can add extra pieces of information to the button code. These will change the behaviour of the button itself or the subsequent checkout procedure.

For example, you may want to show a thumbnail image or a nice document title. If you tell us what these should be – using the data variables – we will show them in the checkout.

Button behaviour

  • data-width width of document in mm (required)
  • data-height height of document in mm (required)
  • data-pages number of pages of document (required)
  • data-publication Id of publication if already uploaded in Peecho system. 
  • data-filetype Typle of file. default: pdf.
  • data-src URL of file if not uploaded as publication in Peecho system.
  • data-locale Language (ie de_DE for german). default english.
  • data-theme Color of theme . default ‘green’.
  • data-currency
    Currency (ie EUR)
  • data-style String that overrides the button style property.
  • data-text String on the button. Default ‘ORDER PRINT’ 
  • data-noprice Boolean that sets if price should hidden from button. default: false.
  • data-tooltip Tooltip of the button.
  • data-tooltip-disabled Disable the button tooltip. (overrides data-tooltip)
  • data-reference Id at merchant side to define order call.

Checkout behaviour

  • data-title The title of your publication.
  • data-thumbnail URL for a thumbnail image of your publication.
  • data-redirect-error URL with a custom error page.
  • data-redirect-thankyou URL to replace our thank-you-page..
  • data-spine-color This will give the spine of the printed book or magazine a solid color. Use hexadecimal notation (#ffffff).
  • data-spine-text Text in the center part spine.
  • data-spine-text-top Text in the top part spine.
  • data-spine-text-bottom Text in the bottom part spine.
  • data-spine-text-size Size of text on spine.
  • data-spine-text-color Color of text on spine. Use hexadecimal notation (#ffffff).