When PastBook met Peecho – or how to launch a print service in the blink of an eye

« Rock. Crazy. Memorable. » Those were the words PastBook’s StefanoCutello chose to describe his experience moving from Italy to Amsterdam.Stefano and business partner, Giuseppe Prioriello, set up shop inAmsterdam to take part in RockstartAccelerator, a new program helping promising startups break throughinternationally. In true startup fashion, the two guys embarked on an epicmission to take their budding company PastBookto the next level. A few months into their journey, the PastBook teammet Peecho and that’s where this story begins.

First, some fun facts

The idea for PastBook was born one afternoon when Stefano satcomfortably in his dad’s couch, flipping through old photo albums anddiaries that his father kept in his younger days. Then he thought: “willI ever be able to provide the same experience to my son one day?” Theanswer was no. Why? Because his entire life is online, spread everywhereon the cloud. Stefano felt compelled to do something about this.Enter PastBook: a platform that lets you relive your most treasuredmemories by collecting the highlights of your digital life and turningthem into a beautifully crafted photo book. For now, you can create abook from your Instagram photos but the service will soon integrateimages from Facebook, Flickr and other social networks.Following Stefano’s dream, the goal of the PastBook team was to build aweb-to-print flow from scratch, allowing users to create and browsetheir photo books online, download them as PDFs or buy them as realproducts. But the print part proved to be very time-consuming.

Starting a print service can be a daunting task

Besides worrying about negotiating prices with printers and finding oneswho are willing to work at minimum volumes, generating print ready filescan be pretty difficult. The team also faced questions like globaldistribution, shipping, production monitoring and quality control. Therequirements for PastBook’s print service kept piling up.Then, they heard about Peecho.The words friendly, print on demand and global delivery stuck out. ThePastBook team was thrilled by the idea of a co-op and so were we -turning valuable digital data into a physical keepsake is right up ouralley. Using our cloud print network, PastBook was able to startprinting books on demand for their users in a matter of days. InStefano’s words: “We made a strategic choice to work with Peecho. We arenot a printing company and selling books for us is just an add-on.Peecho allowed us to provide print and delivery worldwide since day one.Plus, Peecho has a smart team that is always willing to help.” Now,that’s nice to hear!Looking for a print service yourself or just wanna share the love? Tellus more in the comments and make sure to check out the PastBook below.


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