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Sure, we agree that the title of this blog is just an over-the-topteaser, but we do have some really goods news for you.The past two months, we have been working really hard on expanding theuse case of the print button by allowing photos as sourcedocuments. To put it simply: we built the printbutton for images. So, next to PDF for documents and IDML forvariable data, the newly supported file types are JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF,BMP, WMF and EPS. Now, you can sell your photos, pictures and designsstraight from your own website, generating some serious extra revenue.You can choose your products, ranging from posters to canvas and evendibond (the professional aluminium prints) – and decide how to priceyour prints. We take care of the rest.For those of you who have children, our recent partnership with theEfteling will be welcome. This week, welaunched two mobile applications for this large entertainment park.On iPhoneand Androidphones, you can now send your own photo as a physical postcard tofriends and family – in a lovely Efteling fairytale design. Theseapps are obviously really useful if you are in the park, but can be usedanywhere, really. For the park, it is an excellent direct marketingtool. The Efteling was especially pleased to hear that Peecho offers aflexible pay-for-usemodel, rather than trying to trick them into long, everlastingcommitments that come with lawyers and such. We are aiming to livehappily ever after, though.As an excellent example of a print button in the wild, socialnetwork Hyves appealed to some of their youngest users by adding thePeecho print button next to their educationalpublication on « safe Hyving ». This document can now beordered as a printed book meant to be used at school, for example. Inthe upcoming weeks we will post some more examples of our button at work.


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