New software!

This week, we released a new version of our software platform, involving
both user experience and technical back-end.

Based on mobile interface technology from Jquery Mobile, we prettified
the print button consumer experience. First of all, we added visual
navigation reflecting the steps in the procedure, to make the process
more predictable. Secondly, the print button procedure now includes a
new first step: product suggestion. Based on the information we get
about the submitted document, we suggest a list of possible products
that a consumer can choose from to be printed. For example, rather than
going all spiffy and full colour, you may want to choose a cheaper
option and have your document printed as a magazine in black and white

Printcloud, our cloud platform for print order distribution, has been
extended with a recommendation engine for products to support the new
checkout features. Also, additional products have been added to our
portfolio, including bookalikes with and without spine and
black-and-white versions of existing products.

That’s not all. In this release, we made our friends in the print
facilities happy with an improved Printclient. This prettier version of
our connection software has a better security model and is more robust.
Several validation elements have been added, so it is harder to make
mistakes while creating test and production profiles.

Ssshhhh! Don’t tell anybody, but we secretly released the print button
for images as well. You cannot use it yet, but we are currently putting
it to the test and connecting supporting facilities. This means you will
be able to use the print button to sell your own photos as canvas
prints, photo prints, posters and more. We hereby promise to release the
specifications soon. Stay tuned!


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