Write your travel blogs while you inhale nature with Pindat

One of the best things about travelling is being away from stress, your mailbox and the internet. But it is fun to tell your family and friends about the snow white beaches, the clear blue sea and the exotic animals you spotted. With Pindat, you can write your travel story while you take a sip of the local beer sitting beside a bonfire with your brand new international friends. That’s right, without internet.The Dutch company Pindat created a free app which allows travellers to write their travel blogs and upload their pictures whenever they want. When you enter a Wi-Fi zone, you just have to log in and everything you created will be uploaded directly. This means waiting for a desktop in sweaty internet cafés with a poor connection is history. With the app you can pin your locations on the map and connect them to stories and pictures. You can pin your locations every day, allowing  those at home to follow every step you take. On Pindat, you can also read travel stories from other travellers. . Are you having a boring day? Just visit the website and pick a location you want to read about. For a moment you’ll feel like you visited the impressive glaciers in Iceland or the vast salt flats in Bolivia yourself.All good things and at one point it is time to go home again. Chances are you quickly relapse into daily routine. Pindat offers a way to create a tangible memory of your travels. By means of a one-button operation you can make a beautiful album with your stories, pictures and reactions. The albums are generated automatically, but it is possible to adjust your stories and add or remove pictures. Ron Gerrits, founder and owner of Pindat thinks Peecho is the ideal way to make it possible for his customers to print their albums: ‘’It is very nice that Peecho also delivers outside of the Netherlands. We have customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Many people ordered their albums and I received nothing but positive reactions. My customers are very happy with the print quality: the albums look like professional books.’’<

Right now Pindat is only available in Dutch, but Ron has the ambition to conquer the world with his innovative travel app. If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks about Pindat, you can contact Ron Gerrits.  


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