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What is a layflat book and when should you print one?

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November 17, 2022

Wondering what format is the most ideal for your next photo book project? Layflat books might be just what you were looking for. Let’s discover their main features together.

What is a layflat book?

A layflat book is bound with a different binding technique that allows open pages to remain completely flat, allowing images to run smoothly with no visual breaks.

What is a layflat book ideal for?

Layflat books look great with every type of photo and any type of book, but the absence of a crease in the center makes them especially perfect for page spreads. There are certain books that are certain to stand out in layflat format:

Travel books

If you’ve taken some stunning photos during a holiday, print them across two pages to enhance their details, their colors, and their beauty. 

Photo books

Print your most beautiful memories on full spreads. Walking down memory lane will become an even better experience.

If you’re interested in creating your own photo book, check our article: “Print on demand photo books”.

Coffee table books

Coffee table books have become one of the best living room decorative elements nowadays.

Want to learn how to build, print, and maybe sell one all by yourself? Read out article: “Print your PDF into a coffee table book”. 

Wedding books

Make your most memorable moments stand out by showcasing beautiful portraits, special details, and fantastic wide-angle ceremony group shots.


Stretch your text and images across two full pages, creating striking layouts that will make your work pop. 

What are Peecho’s layflats like?

Peecho’s layflats come with a matte laminate wrap hardcover and two high quality content paper options: Mohawk paper 160 gsm and Prophoto paper 190 gsm. 

Choose among different format and sizes, and have your books delivered anywhere in the world. Check our website for more information about our layflat books.


Layflat books are ideal for a wide variety of photo book projects. They allow your most beautiful pictures to run smoothly across the pages, and give your book a fantastic visual touch.

Ready to build your own layflat book? Explore or get in touch with us at 

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