Watch art launches Simple Print Service to offer beautiful wall art for watch retailers and enthusiasts

Watch art is a unique art portal where you can purchase your favourite watch models and ad campaigns as wall art for your home or office. The website runs entirely on our Simple Print Service, offering posters, postcards, gallery, dibond and canvas prints for retailers and watch enthusiasts. Watch art is an initiative of UK-based entrepreneur Giles Morgan.Giles has been running companies in the media industry for over 20 years. Over the last 10 years, his focus has been on luxury brands and watch brands in particular. “I am an avid watch collector and I wanted to have pictures of watches on my home and office,” says Giles. “However, when I searched for this type of product I quickly realised it didn’t exist, so I decided to start the business as a labour of love.”With watch art, Giles wants to celebrate the technical and highly specialized art of watch-making. “I think watches are beautiful, enormous time is spent on creating these masterpieces and now anyone can celebrate watch imagery as art. Longer term aims will be to support watch based charities and young watch designers with the site.”With over 50 images to choose from, from top brands like Tissot, Tag Heuer, Montblanc, Rado and UBoat, Watch art is also a great resource for watch retailers looking to print collateral and advertising material for their stores. All products are produced on demand by professional printing facilities. “I started out in print so I have an inherent love of a crisp newspaper, or glossy magazine, the feel, touch, ink aroma,” says Giles. “Print will never die, it is just reinventing itself and print on demand tools like the Simple Print Service can breathe new life into the industry and offer added value for marketers.”Visit http://www.watchart.co.uk/ to discover the beauty of watch-making!


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