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Top self-publishing trends of 2017: how to anticipate

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November 17, 2022

The times that books need an ISBN is history and self-publishing trends are rising. Non-traditional publishing is a billion dollar industry in the United States (authorearnings). In 2016, almost 300 million non-traditional publications (digital and print) were sold in the US. And that number will only increase. New services have made it easier than ever to self-publish your work. And as the field gets more crowded, it becomes more difficult to stand out as a self-publisher. Learn more about the self-publishing trends of 2017 and take advantage of it!

1. In the genre adult fiction 70% of sales is digital

According to this DBW (Digital Book World) paper, 70 percent of all adult fiction sales in 2016 was digital. It is likely that the amount of ebook readers will increase even more. So for fiction writers it is recommendable to promote the digital version of your books. Next to selling your work via Peecho’s print on demand service, you can also sell your work as digital files via Peecho.

2. But overall: print is back!

Digital fiction book sales are growing, but so are the overall sales of printed books. Authorearnings states that in 2016, US trade print book sales grew 3.3%. Good thing that you can join this trend in self-publishing via Peecho print on demand without any cost.

3. Audiobooks is one of the fastest growing self-publishing trends

AAP (Association of American Publishers) states that audiobooks are the fastest growing format. This trend can be explained by changes in how and where we listen to content. Nowadays, we all have a smartphone and we are connected to the internet all the time. We can listen to whatever we want, whenever we want to. If you have the time and the skills, start offering your publications as audiobooks too!


4. Whether you sell or not depends on your marketing

Writing your book is only half of the work. In an increasingly crowded market, the self-publishers that spend most time and money in marketing are the most successful ones. In these blog posts you can read all about social media marketing, email marketing and coupons.

5. An international target group provides opportunities for growth

Embrace publishing worldwide and find audiences outside your own country. Publish your book in English and start marketing it to both English speaking and international audiences. Because of globalisation, there are audiences outside of the Anglo-Saxon countries that would like to read their books in English. With Peecho’s self-publishing service, it does not matter where you are based or where your customers live. Everybody is welcome to sell their work and start making a profit. And we ship worldwide!

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