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Tips for writers and creatives: how to stay productive on a warm and sunny day

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November 17, 2022

You probably know the feeling. The birds are chirping, the sun is illuminating your office and you can’t sit still. We all love days like these but it’s hard to get things done. Whether you are writing a book, creating a magazine or working on your photography / art collection, these tips will help you to stay productive. Even when an ice cold beer is calling your name.

  1. Start your day a few hours earlier than usual. It will be less warm in the morning and you can stop working early. This way you will have enough time to go and do something fun outside in the afternoon.
  2. Make sure it’s not too warm in the room where you are working: heat can slow you down. So open the windows or turn on the air conditioning. Is your office space too warm? You can also decide to work from home or from a cool cafe with wi-fi.
  3. Pay attention to your clothing. Make sure it is not synthetical. Otherwise you will feel sweaty all day. T-shirts and dresses made of airy fabrics work best during heat. And if you don’t have serious business meetings, it’s okay to dress somewhat informal.
  4. Turn off your Whatsapp notifications. On sunny days like these, there are always friends that happen to have a day off. Group conversations will be filled with questions like ‘’who’s going to the beach?’’ They will probably also send some pictures featuring sunshine, sunglasses and cold drinks. Try not to look at these messages until your work is finished. You can probably still join after work.
  5. Make sure you drink enough water. When you stay hydrated, you can focus better. You can make it more tasty by putting some lemon, cucumber or mint leaves in your water.
  6. When you have the chance, take the opportunity to enjoy the sun! Have your lunch break outside. Bring your lunch and find a bench in the park or go to a lunch cafe with a terrace. After some food, fresh air and sunshine you will have more energy for a productive second half of the day.
  7. Reward yourself: if you finish the chapter, article or photograph, you can go to the park, the beach or relax on your balcony.
  8. Spring and summer are most people’s favorite seasons. That means happy people, new wardrobes and fun stories. Use this for inspiration for your book, magazine or portfolio.
  9. Don’t stress about the heat and take it easy. Stressing makes you even warmer. Try to enjoy these beautiful days!

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