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There and back again: how travel journals are making a comeback online and in print

Got vacation plans for the summer or perhaps a short holiday planned for the second half of the year? Chances are you’ll be taking tons of pictures during your trip and perhaps updating friends and loved ones about your exploits on Facebook. Some of us also like to keep travel blogs or jot down notes about our experiences on paper. For others, documenting their travels is an experience in itself. Inspirational videos from globetrotters seem to be popping up left and right, increasing our itch for adventure. James Mostert, a Dutch web developer and avid traveler, decided to build Reislogger back in 2007 to help fellow travelers document their trips. The platform has been using Peecho to offer printed travel journals for over a year and has quickly grown to become one of the most popular travel sites in the Netherlands. We had chance to catch up with James to learn more about his vision.

James, what inspired you to build Reislogger? It all started nine years ago, when I was an exchange student in Melbourne, Australia. I wanted an easy way to share my adventures abroad with my family and friends. At the time, the existing travel blog platforms only allowed you to upload 10 photos for free, then forced you to upgrade to a paid plan. That limitation annoyed me immensely, so I decided to use my (then) limited coding skills to build my own personal travel website, where I could place all the photos I wanted. I realized that there were probably many other travelers who wanted an unlimited online travel journal, so the idea for Reislogger was born. Nowadays, Reislogger still offers unlimited storage for travelers to share their stories, photos and videos. This has made the website incredibly popular in the Netherlands.

How does Reislogger work? Reislogger lets you create a personal travel blog where you can share your stories from the road, as well as your photos and videos. The blog comes with an interactive map, where you can plot your travel route as you go along.During your travels, the integrated mailing list, and the option to share your story on Facebook and Twitter, make it super easy for your friends and family to stay up to date, and get jealous – of course!If you’d like to have a real, tangible memory of your trip, you can bundle your stories and photos within Reislogger and order a hardcover or paperback book.

Aside from unlimited storage, what do travelers get from Reislogger? How does it differ from using social media, for instance? Social media makes sharing your travel experiences very easy. The downside, though, is that your updates get buried in your friends’ newsfeeds quite quickly. Most social media websites are also not well equipped to share lengthier updates and stories.Using a travel blog provides a solution, because it is fully dedicated to your trip, and offers all the room you need to write. As an added bonus, while you share your stories and photos on a day-by-day basis, you automatically create a collection of the highlights of your trip. This makes it really easy to create a book and order a printed version. Users like the print option because it allows them to get a physical keepsake with their travel experiences, or even mail a copy to friends they met during their travels and family members back home.

What are the most popular destinations visited by your users?

The countries our users blog most about are: Australia, New Zealand, USA Thailand and Indonesia. The most popular cities are: Bangkok, Sydney, Melbourne, Paramaribo and Chiang Mai. These are the most popular destinations. But if I may throw in a personal recommendation for your next trip, I’d definitely recommend Sri Lanka! Still undiscovered by the masses, it won’t leave you disappointed.Visit to learn more or like the company on Facebook for more travel inspiration!


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