The print button: install it, tips and examples

With Peecho, it’s possible to sell your magazines, books and photographs in luxury prints, straight from your own website. You can do this by installing the free Simple Print Button. Read this blog to find out how you can install the print button, and uncover some tips and examples.

Install the print button

There are two ways to install the print button on your website:1. Install the simple print button on your website with a simple piece of code.Log in to your Peecho account, click on ”publications” in the top menu and click on the publication you would like to sell via print on demand. unnamed-32 Then click on ‘’Publish” unnamed-33 Then copy and paste the print button code into your website. unnamed-34 A different code will be generated for every publication you upload. Copy and paste the code into your web page and the resulting button will show prices and availability.When your website visitors want to buy your publication, they just have to click on the print button. They will be directed to the Peecho checkout. Peecho takes care of the payment, production, worldwide delivery and customer service.2. Did you design your own button? You can make the image clickable by using the simple print link.

Tips on using the print button

Installing the print button is one thing, but using it the right way can help you sell more publications. Below, you can read some tips on how to use the print button in an effective way:

    1. Place the button  on a clearly visible place on your website: install the button above the fold.


    1. Add an appealing picture of the product you are selling.


    1. Emphasize the exclusive features of your publication. What makes your publication so special? Why should readers buy it?


    1. Install the print button on several website pages.


    1. Create urgency. Give your website visitors an expiration date: only today/ this week!



Examples of Peecho button users

An example of a photographer that sells his publications in print by using the print button is Colin Salmon.You can also create your own button and add the print link to the image on your website, just like Audiation Magazine did.Do you need help with the print button? Email (kenneth@peecho.com) or call (+31638445117) us and we will be happy to help you!


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