Summer marketing tips for self-publishers: keep your business hot

The sun is out and people like to spend more time outdoors. That means less people will be online searching for a new book or magazine to buy. Your self-publishing business might suffer from a little summer dip but don’t let it get to you. You can use this quiet period to take a careful look at your online marketing program and get the most out of the summer. Read these summer marketing tips for self-publishers and get started right now!Summer marketing tips self-publishing

1. Work on your web presence

Make sure you are seen on the internet. Take a look at all your social media channels and make sure all the information is up to date. Don’t forget to post relevant content regularly and think about posting seasonal summer content. Also check the amount of online reviews you have got – do you have enough? If not, start collecting them on social media and other review sites and reply to the reviews.

2. Improve SEO

Use your time to improve search engine optimization. By paying attention to SEO, you make it easier for your readers to find your website on the web. Some tips to get started:

    • Focus on relevant keywords for your business and optimize your web pages for these keywords. Are you self-publishing a fashion magazine for example? Then focus on keywords like ‘’fashion magazine’’, ‘’order fashion magazine’, etc.


    • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. This makes it easier for your visitors to engage with your website on mobile and it gives you a better ranking.


    • Check the pagespeed of your website on Google pagespeed insights. It will give you a score between 1(bad)  and 100 (perfect) and it gives you tips on which steps to take to improve the pagespeed of your website.



3. Make your content super easy to share

People like to share content that represents them and makes them look smart or funny. Keep this in mind when creating content and make your articles extremely easy to share. Always put share buttons (social media, email, whatsapp) next to your articles. By sharing your content, your readers will help you increase its reach.

4. Get in touch with important influencers

Investigate who is an important influencer in your self-publishing field. In the case of the fashion magazine example, try to find influencers and journalists that write about fashion. You can start getting in touch with them by responding to their social media posts so they will get to know your name. Later on you can try to send them a message and tell them about your fashion magazine.

5. Start a retention program

Many online marketers focus on getting new leads and they forget the value of the leads they already have. These are people that were interested in your work before, so they might be interested in buying your latest publication, too. Install a Facebook pixel on your website and you will able you to start a Facebook retargeting campaign. Another idea is to collect the email addresses your customers placed orders with before to set up a retention email campaign. Don’t forget to collect data from these campaigns and use the results to make decisions in your next campaign.Are you ready applying these summer marketing tips for self-publishers? Self-publishing via Peecho is easy and free: just create an account, upload your PDF file and use the print button or print link to sell your work via print on demand.


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