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How to successfully self-publish a book or magazine via Peecho

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November 17, 2022

All self-publishers are dying to find the answer: how to successfully self-publish a book or magazine? We can’t do it for you, but we can explain to you step by step how to make sure all conditions are optimal for an illustrious career as a self-publisher and how get the most out of Peecho’s self-publishing service.

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1. Make your PDF document print ready

To successfully self-publish via Peecho, the first thing you need is a PDF document of the book or magazine you created. To make your PDF file ready for print, it is important to pay attention to the layout of your document. The content should not be placed too close to the border of the pages and the resolution of your images should be high enough, for example. For all tips to create a print-ready PDF file, check this video. When your PDF is ready, you can upload it in your dashboard, order a print for yourself and sell it via print on demand.

2. Learn how to navigate through your personal dashboard

When you signed up for Peecho, you can manage all your self-publishing tools yourself and you can find all the statistics of the prints you sold. In this video, you can learn how to navigate through your personal Peecho dashboard.

3. Think about your spine

All of the books and magazines we print are perfect bound, that means they all have a spine. You can leave the spine blank (this is the default setting), but you can also customize your spine. You can do this by filling out the text you want to add to the spine and by choosing the color of the text and the background of the spine. The second option is to design your spine and upload it as a PDF. In this video, we explain step by step how to do this.

4. Set your profit

When you self-publish your work via Peecho, you can decide how much profit you want to make. You can change the settings of your profit in your personal dashboard: set the profit in percentages or set a fixed price. This video will help you figuring out how to set your profit. Setting your profit is not a must, you can also successfully self-publish without making a profit!

5. Share the print link via social media and email

So you created the perfect PDF file, you uploaded it in your dashboard and you set your profit. Up next: start selling it! You can do this with the print link or the print button. Let’s discuss the print link first. A print link will be created for every publication you upload. Just copy the print link and paste it into a social media post, in an email or on your website and people from all over the world will be able to buy your work as professional prints. In this video we explain where you can find the print link.

6. Install the print button

The other option to sell your book or magazine via Peecho print on demand is to install the print button on your own website. ‘’Installing’’ sounds more difficult than it is. The only thing you have to do is copy a small piece of code and paste it into your website code and you can start selling your work worldwide without any costs. Find out more in this video.

7. Use the Wordpress plugin if you have a Wordpress website

Peecho also has a solution for those who have their own Wordpress website. The Wordpress plugin makes it easy to install the print button on your Wordpress website. And just like with the print button and print link, you allow others to get your book or magazine as a professional print. In this video, we explain how to install and use the Peecho Wordpress plugin for self-publishers.

8. Successfully self-publish with these marketing tips

Now that you have your print link and your print button, you can start marketing your work. To increase your sales, you can read these blog post about social media marketing, email marketing and coupons.

Do you want to successfully self-publish your book or magazine? Create a Peecho account and get started!

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