ReSnap launches Peecho integration for hassle-free personalized photo books

Creating physical albums from your social media photos can be quite a hassle. It can take several hours and the result is never quite as nice as you’d like it to be. Unless you find the right tool, that is. This week, we’re welcoming ReSnap into our platform. ReSnap is a nifty new tool that helps you create photo books in one minute. The company was founded earlier this year by Dutch entrepreneurs Erik-Jan Schreurs, Luc Hendriks, Joachim den Hertog and Thomas Beguin. Their motive was simple: to help people relive their most precious moments in personalized, affordable and beautifully-designed photo books.

How it works

ReSnap automatically selects your most popular pictures and updates from a variety of social media outlets (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) – so you no longer have to worry about sifting through your pics to select the best ones. Their tool automatically personalizes your book’s cover and lets you trace your social relationships and activities with great-looking infographics. ReSnap photo books can be ordered in hardcover or viewed online for free.But that’s not all. ReSnap also enables you to easily create photo books for friends and re-visit those unforgettable moments that you’ve experienced together. So make sure to visit resnap.com the next time you’re looking for an original gift idea!Follow the ReSnap team on Twitter and Facebook for updates.


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