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A New Era for Real Estate Marketing: How Print on Demand is Opening New Doors to Success

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July 25, 2023
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Open House invitations, business cards, postcards, sell sheets, direct mails… If you’re involved in real estate, you know fresh, high-quality print helps bolster trust and customer engagement, and strengthens your brand. Traditional printing, however, is costly and slow, and leads to overprinting and pollution. So, many realtors dismiss it altogether. They bet all their money on the digital sphere, where their posts depend on the whims of the algorithms. Luckily, there’s a powerful alternative, just around the corner: Print on Demand.

Property Print Pains: Overprinting

There’s a reason why traditional printing is often dismissed. Setting up a traditional printing press for your real estate purposes is a hands-on process that takes time. A traditional print shop will calculate that into your final price, and offer you a fixed order number in a tiered pricing system. In other words, they leave you no choice but to order too little, or more than you’ll need. You will end up with piles of materials that you’ll never use, and which quickly become outdated. You’ll often end up throwing heaps and piles of unused materials into the trash.

Rigid Traditional Printing Kills Personalization

Once set up, a traditional printing press leaves very little room for personalization; it can handle one particular assignment, which does not allow for much variation. Even when that would go a long way into binding your customer to your brand.
Another consideration is print pollution. Printing at your local print shop while needing it on the other side of the nation creates a long transporting route, upping your carbon emissions.

Printing is Essential for Trust and Sales

But not printing is not an option if you want to make a difference. Research from Marketing Consultant Ironmark USA shows that printed materials lead to higher conversion rates, with print advertisements leading to an 80% response rate, as opposed to just 45% click-through rates for digital advertisements. Yes, real estate customers will check online property listings, but they are more likely to reach out to an agent after seeing a brochure or receiving a free promotional item, than when seeing a Facebook post or PPC ad.
It gives them the opportunity to review the listed property in their own time, leafing through and weighing their options. Having a personalized offer can work wonders for your brand. High-quality photos offer transparency, and can make all the difference in convincing your customer to choose the property in your care.

On-Demand Real Estate Printing: Quick, Agile, and Precise

The answer to your property printing pains lies in the type of printing you use. As detailed in this blog, there is a distinction between offset (traditional) printing and Print on Demand (POD). This last technique is fully digitally driven. No need to prepare physical print molds or ink rollers. Shapes, text, and all other print properties are fed into the printer through a digital interface. This lets printers quickly adapt their print settings, and take on small and highly personalized assignments, offering you the flexibility you need.

Advantages of Print on Demand for Real Estate

Especially for a demanding market like real estate, Print on Demand has compelling advantages:

1. More Precise Pricing

Contrary to traditional printing, POD printing lets you print the exact numbers you need. This helps you keep your spending in check. Simultaneously, it cuts your annual print waste figures; since you order your exact amount of copies, you can be sure to use them all and not throw anything away. In other words, POD printing helps you battle overprinting.

2. Personalized Property Print

Print on Demand gives you the agility to quickly draw up personalized and regional listings within your potential customers’ price range, intended area of living, and preferred house types. This increases their trust in you; you’ve gone out of your way to look for options that are specifically right for them. Coupled with high-quality photography and thought-out branding, this will help you stand out in the highly competitive real estate market.

3. Rapid and Agile Print Assignments

In the current housing market, you don’t want to wait for your prints while your prospects are ready to buy, and are looking at the competition’s listings. Print on Demand reduces the time between order and delivery. It also gives you the flexibility to make last-minute changes to your order, for instance if you want to replace a few housing pictures with better photography.

> By outsourcing your print to Peecho, you can select the printer closest to your target audience. So your prints reach them sooner and are more up-to-date.

4. Print on Demand for a Professional Profile

You’re not the only real estate agent out there. You want to make sure that buyers remember your name. Consistently branded materials make that happen. Adhering to your brand identity strengthens your professional image, and raises trust in your company.  Should your company decide on a new logo or tagline in the meantime, the update can be included quickly into your print runs. And if your company spans multiple locations, you can keep your marketing elements centrally organized, so the different branches adhere to the same guidelines and standards.

5. Printing with the Planet in Mind

Traditional printing can lead to excess inventory and unused or outdated materials. With POD, you minimize paper waste and demand for new paper. Many printers also offer eco-friendly options, such as recycled paper and cleaner ink types. Smaller quantities additionally mean less operational time, you’ll conserve energy, leading to fewer emissions. POD generally requires less water, contributing to water conservation efforts.

Sell Property Faster with Print on Demand

Print on Demand is the way forward if you want your real estate agency to stand out and make a difference, while maintaining agility in a highly competitive market. Its unparalleled flexibility and precise print numbers allows you to save on printing while offering your customers a more personalized experience. This increases brand awareness and trust, boosting your brand’s profile. The more exact numbers help you save on your printing expenses and reduce your environmental impact.
Ready to enter a new era of real estate marketing? Invite Peecho into the house if you need help figuring out how Printing on Demand can help your company save costs, raise brand awareness, and choose sustainable print. Set up an exploratory call with our Sales team today to take the next step!

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