Print button growth spurt

As you may have noticed, there has been some buzz about the FacebookLike for cloud printing – or, if you wish, the print button ofthe internet – a brand new, free Peecho service that turns yourdigital documents into real products. Well, enough with the marketing.So, what really happened? Last week, we launched an embarrasingly simpleproduct on top of our cloud print platform. I’ll give you thesix-word-pitch: it’s a button.That prints.The launch of this notorious print button has been picked up by severallarge tech blogs, like TechCrunch,TheAtlantic, PSFKand TheNextWeb– and we thank you for that. On Twitter, we saw hundreds of tweets andretweets on the matter. We were blown away by the response. Our customerbase increased tenfold in the past week. It’s still early days,but it clearly shows that something might be happening here.To be completely honest, we also received some fair criticism. Forexample, SteveO’Hear writes on Techcrunch that although he thinks the analogy withthe Facebook Like button is neat (in fact, he re-phrased it to itscurrent state), it falls a little short for now. That’s because ourservice started out with PDF input to create bookalikes only. Wecertainly agree with him that our Giant Claim can only be justified ifwe would support more file types and products. Will do, sir.


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