Print an album with your kid’s art while keeping your home tidy!

Drawings, paintings and handiworks; it is nice to get presents from your kids every week. But at a certain point, the attic, the basement and the garage are stuffed and you don’t know where to store all these masterpieces anymore. Then you find out about Friddo: store all your child’s art in the cloud, bundle them in one beautiful printed album and save a lot of room in your closets. In this blog post, Mark (co-founder of Friddo) tells us more about Friddo and their integration with the Peecho print API.

1. When and why did you start Friddo?

The idea for Friddo was born over a year ago when Jacco (co-founder of Friddo) and I did a brainstorm session in the country on some ideas they had been thinking of in the past couple of years. We both have children and we have to deal with stacks of kid art (“knutsels” in Dutch) in their respective houses. We were thinking of a way to deal with the large number of drawings, paintings and other kid art. If storing child artwork digitally would solve the problem for them, then it could possibly be a solution for other parents, as well.

2. What is Friddo about?

Friddo is really about the dilemma that most parents (especially moms) have when they need to decide what to do with all the art that their little ones produce. Parents feel they should keep everything. but that is simply a practical impossibility. Plus, storing the artwork doesn’t guarantee that the memory is revived at some point in time. On the contrary, most art disappears for years in boxes in dark storages and are then still binned! Friddo helps parents save a headache; they can do with the physical art whatever they want, but Friddo ensures that the artwork and memory is saved forever, and better yet: it can be revived by sharing it with grandparents, or reprint it in a cute album.

3. How did you find out about Peecho’s print API?

It was a total coincidence that Jacco bumped into Martijn (Peecho founder) on the island in Amsterdam where they both live. When Jacco found out what Martijn was doing, the connection was easily made.

4. Why is Peecho’s print API the solution for Friddo?

Friddo has the ambition to grow outside The Netherlands soon. This means that we needed a printpartner that has international rooting. Peecho offers a lot of things that Friddo as a start-up cannot. So besides the printing, Peecho deals with the payment and fulfilment of the printing process, something that you don’t want to worry about when starting your business. Plus, Peecho has a focus on digital which is the right mindset for Friddo.

5. How did you integrate the peecho print API with your service?

Friddo offers its service through a mobile app only, so the print API is called from the mobile app. We could do most of the integration of the print API ourselves. However, we had a number of specific requirements that were not standard aPI functionality. Both Peecho support as well as a direct line to the development team helped us to get our app customized just the way we wanted it.

6. Who are your customers and how do you promote your app?

Friddo is mainly addressing the needs of parents with kids in the age of roughly 2-12, and moms in particular. There are a lot of websites, blogs and communities where parents try to help each other to be a ‘better’ parent. This is where we target our promotion, because once this audience sees how their lives are made easier and how they can save the art work of their children, Friddo will really get traction.

Would you like to know more about Friddo? Visit their website. Would you like to know more about the Peecho print API? Read the API documentation or contact us!


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