Preserve your life story with Timebox and Peecho printing

A few days ago, we welcomed a brand new personal history archive app into our platform: Timebox. Timebox lets you browse your photos from multiple sources and make long-lasting artifacts like laser-engraved aluminum cubes, hardcover books and magazines. The print products are made possible thanks to our Simple Print API integration.Timebox makes it easy to browse through your favorite photos from Dropbox, iPhoto and Facebook. You can then add more details about the life stories that you want to remember and make physical keepsakes that are perfect to display, share and pass along. Timebox’s mother company – Pepper Networks, LLC – helps people preserve and share the digital things that are important to them. Pepper Networks was recently selected as a Global Hot 100 company by the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WSIE) WSIE chairman Sam Hamdan said: “We believe the Timebox app, artifacts and cloud architecture developed by Pepper Networks will shape the future of how our stories are preserved for future generations and civilizations.”Visit the Timebox website or read the full press release to learn more.


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