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Most popular subjects to write about during Summer

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November 17, 2022

Whether you are going on holiday or you are staying at home, there is always time to write. Looking for some inspiration? In this article, you can find the five most popular subjects to write (and read!) about during summer.

1. Holidays

During summer, many people take a break from work. Some are just getting some rest, others are doing stuff they can’t find the time for when they are working. Many people like to go abroad during their holidays. Holidays offer many interesting writing subject: popular destinations, travel experiences, most fun activities and the best restaurants.

Summer writing ideas

2. Back to school

For the students among us, summer is the period before going back to school again. During these days off, you have time to reflect on the school year that just finished. Are you happy with your grades, did you make any new friends and will that cute boy / girl still be in school next year? For writers, it is a chance to write about last year’s and next year’s school trends and topics.

3. Romances

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and people are smiling. It is for a reason that many relationships start during summer: all conditions are perfect to fall in love. Whether it is a brief holiday romance or a long lasting relationship, it is always nice to write about and many people find it very entertaining to read.

4. Gardening

It can be very relaxing to work in your garden while the weather is nice. Afterwards, spending time in your garden will be more enjoyable. Summer is the season to write about gardening and garden trends. People pay attention to furniture and lights in their garden more than ever. Most popular in garden columns are the ‘’makeovers’’, including before and after photos.

5. Events

Festivals, outdoor movie nights and barbecues: many events to visit in the summer. And that gives writers a lot of stuff to write about, like nice events to visit, event reports and reviews. It can give those who could not make it to the events the feeling they were there.

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