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Standing out from the crowd is key. By showcasing your best work, life experiences or achievements in a portfolio, you can distinguish yourself from other photographers, designers, architects or illustrators. A portfolio is not created overnight. It’s important to think carefully about the items in your portfolio. Please find some small tips below, they can give your portfolio a big boost.

1. Make a selection of your best work only

Make a critical selection and only include your best work in your portfolio. Our advice is to showcase at least 10 items in a portfolio.  Don’t ruin your portfolio with one weak item and think about the amount of items you want to include in your portfolio. Less can be more. Start with a very strong piece to make the viewer want to see more and end with a smashing piece, in order to leave a strong impression.  

2. Add a description to each piece

Let people know when, why and how you created it. By adding a description to each item, you’ll give your pieces more context and your audience will appreciate them even more.

3. Make sure your images are high res

All your images should be high-resolution images. Your portfolio is your pride. People are going to look at it in detail. Grainy images in your portfolio will make you look unprofessional. If needed, use Photoshop, for example, to fix the resolution.

4. Get a fresh pair of eyes to look at your work

It’s almost impossible to look at your own work objectively. Find at least one person to look at your portfolio. Preferably someone that hasn’t seen your work before.

5. Include reviews

People like to read testimonials. When reading that someone else has worked with you, and is happy with the result, a person is more likely to contact you.

6. Show results

Numbers can be a powerful tool to convince people. Prove your talents by showing your accomplishments.

7. Print your portfolio via Peecho

Once you have finalized your portfolio, it’s nice to have one or a few sample copies. You can bring it to new clients or a job interview. Most people choose paper over a computer screen when looking at a portfolio. Via Peecho, you can print your portfolio, on demand. Professional prints on high quality paper. No minimum volume. You can find tips on the lay-out of a for-print-suitable-document on this page

Are you a photographer, designer, architect, illustrator or other type of creative and would you like to print your portfolio? Visit our website or contact us!


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