Photography with your iPhone: 8 tips

It’s your best friend: your iPhone. You can not only use it to call, text and listen to your favourite album over and over again, it also allows you to make the most beautiful pictures. Yes, that’s right, you don’t need a professional camera to make stunning photographs. The challenge lies in using the camera of the iPhone correctly. In this blog post, you can read how to get the most out of your iPhone’s camera.

1. Make sure the lens is clean

The lens of an iPhone is very small and it needs to be clean to maintain sharpness. Touching the lens with your finger will already soften the image and lower contrast. Ideal would be to wipe the lens with microfiber every time you take a picture. Since microfiber is not something you have always with you, you can also do it with your t-shirt or a tissue.

2. Turn off the flash

The iPhone’s flash is actually LED light and not a real flash. This light will make the picture look like it was made with a poor quality camera. The flash has three settings: on, off and auto. It’s on auto by default. Make sure you turn it off. When you want to make a photograph with your iPhone in the dark, it works better to let a friend with another iPhone use the flashlight to light your target.

3. Avoid zoom

When you zoom in while you are taking the picture, the image will digitally zoom in. This will make your picture grainy. Your focus can also be tricked if you zoom in strongly. It’s better for the quality of the picture to crop the image after you took it. The iPhone has 8 to 12 megapixels, so you have enough pixels to crop the image afterwards.

4. Make sure you have enough memory

It can be a big frustration: you miss a special moment because there is not enough room on your phone. If you enable Photo Stream, it automatically synchronizes images you take across all your devices. You can enable this via the settings app on your iPhone in Photos & Camera. When your pictures are also saved on your MacBook and iPad, you can instantly delete them from your iPhone.

5. Turn on the grid

The grid helps you to take photos that have a much better composition than your average ones. It will help you make your photos symmetrical. You can enable this option by opening the camera app, clicking on options and turning on the grid.

6. Use HDR when shooting sunsets

It’s always hard to capture a beautiful sky. You want to capture the details in the foreground as well as the colours of the background. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) option takes a light photo and a dark photo and puts them together. This way, the details in the foreground will be shown, as well as the colours and the details of the background without anything being overexposed. But notice – turn HDR off when you take a ‘’normal’’ picture.

7. Bend your knees

Most people take their pictures from the height of their chest because it’s a convenient way to make a photo. But by getting on your knees, you can find another angle. A low angle can make a person or object in the picture more interesting because we are not used to look at the world like that. It also allows you to show interesting details in the foreground that would be lost otherwise.

8. Use an editing app

In the app store, you can find thousands of free photo editing apps. Most of them only do one trick. It works better to use one all round editing app. Snapseed is free to download and allows you to perfect any photo fast. The app is easy to use and suitable for beginners.

Once you have mastered the art of iPhone photography, someone else might also want to have your pictures. It’s now possible to allow anyone on the world to buy your photographs printed on demand as wall decoration without any cost. Do you want to know more? Contact us!


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