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Photographer Roberto received his photography book print: a happy man!

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November 17, 2022

Irista is a dream for many photographers: a cloud storage tool (launched by Canon), designed only for photographers. The tool allows you to store up to 15GB for free. With the photo-only aspect in mind, the company added several unique features to their product. Irista connected with Peecho which makes it possible for Irista users to get a photography book print from their stored photos. Roberto is one of Irista's users who ordered a Peecho photo book print. In this interview, he tells us more about his photography, using Irista and his Peecho print.

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

‘’I'm Roberto Cosentino, from Milan, Italy and I am 30 years old. I really love to take pictures of concerts, cities, pets and landscapes. My next dream is astrophotography. Hope I will take some breathtaking pics and print them... sooner or later!’’

Roberto Cosentino

2. When did you start with photography?

‘’I always dreamt to be a photographer and I decided to become a professional photographer when I was 13. My first camera was a compact one and it arrived in 2006, but I bought my first reflex in 2008. It was a Canon EOS 400d. Then I started to work with some magazines about Milan's nightlife style one year later, when I bought my first Nikon. Later I started to work with clubs and the national newspaper and I became a professional photographer in 2014.’’

3. How can you describe your work?

‘’I can't describe my own work. I just shoot what I like and what grabs my attention, I always try to "break the mould". I always loved to shoot portraits, but lately I'm into urban landscapes and a lot of my pics were taken using "zooming" effect during the shot. I'm not into post-production, so I try to create my pics during the shooting and not to use Photoshop afterwards. Anyway, my best pics were taken during concerts. Since 2010, I shoot photographs in one of my favorite places in the world, BluesHouse Club. It is a real Temple of Live Music in Milan and my pics are printed on posters and hung on the walls in there.’’

Photography Roberto Cosentino

4. How did you find out about Canon Irista?

‘’I discovered Canon Irista during a press conference here in Milan.’’

5. How does Canon Irista work for photographers (from storing the photos to ordering a photo book)?

‘’I really appreciate Canon Irista because I think it works very good and it's easy to use and user friendly. I find it very fast during the upload of heavy pics and this is very important for a professional photographer who needs to upload a big archive. Even ordering a photo book is easy and simple and, really, anyone can do it without having much experience with Web and PC.’’

6. What do you think of the photography book print?

‘’The photo book is really impressive. The quality is very high and I have suggested Peecho to all my friends who wanted to print a high quality photo book. I also shared my video on all my social media accounts. I really appreciated how fast it was printed and delivered even though if I live in Milan and the printer of my book (Peecho has a network of printers over the world) is based in the Netherlands.’’

For more information about Irista and getting your own photography book print (via Peecho print on demand), visit their website. You can find all about Roberto’s photography on his website.

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