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Personalization in Hospitality: Creating Unforgettable Stays Through Print on Demand

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July 12, 2023
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Nothing makes a guest feel more appreciated than when you remember their name or the details of their stay. Sometimes, just remembering their room number will already make them feel special. Why not go the extra mile and personalize lunch menus, or magazine covers for regulars? Attention to personal details makes people feel right at home and works wonders for your hotel’s reputation. Here’s how Print on Demand can help you personalize your guest experience without astronomical costs.

Hotels can help guests create memories for life. Their stories about your endless efforts to make them feel welcome will last a lifetime, and could lead to more bookings from their families and friends. Some guests may even become regulars, because your level of attention makes them feel like they don’t need to look any further. Nothing works harder and better for your hospitality brand than happy guests.

Quick and Agile: Print on Demand

You may be thinking: Isn’t that level of personalization inherently expensive and excessively time-consuming?

Personalizing things like QR code cards to link people to the hotel’s WiFi network, room directories, room service menus, or promotional materials for specific events does not have to be a huge burden on your marketing budget. Through Print on Demand, you can benefit from quick and agile printing, at a fair price. And since Print on Demand is so flexible, you’ll have your printed materials well in time before you need them, except of course in case of last-minute booking.

Printing on demand will help you reduce the time between giving the order and placing the actual print in the guests’ rooms.

Fresh Prints, Clean Desk

Next to cost savings, Print on Demand helps you prevent clutter: you won’t have stacks of unused and outdated materials lying around your hotel receptions. It helps your staff work quicker and saves them the energy and time of rummaging through paper stacks to find the right leaflets or other printed materials while guests are waiting at the counter.

Touch Their Hearts: Speak Their Language

If your hotel regularly receives guests from abroad, you may want to personalize their experience in their own language. While simultaneously making them feel at home, this helps you make sure that they understand any preconditions and necessary information for their stay in your hotel. A win-win situation.

Granular Printing: It’s in the Little Things

Anything that will help your guests make their stay more memorable is a welcome addition to your print offer. Something as small as an up-to-date weather card for the length of a guest’s stay or the coming month can make all the difference to their planned activities. Other examples include WiFi-cards, a seasonal menu for the hotel’s restaurant, personalized itineraries with a list of their bookings, birthday or anniversary cards, or coloring books for children.

Cater to their Customs

Similarly, if you can find out a guest’s hotel preferences beforehand, you can customize their experience further, deepening the emotional connection to your brand. For instance, if your guest indicates that they value spa treatments, you could preselect spa offers for them and add them to their welcome folder. If the guest is into, say, golf, you could indicate beforehand where they may find the nearest court.

Never underestimate the importance of insider information. Your staff may be aware of local events, good restaurants, or special occasions nearby. Your guests will love to be included in the scoop, and a neatly printed overview of insider tips will help them take the most out of their stay.a

Enhancing Hospitality with Peecho's Print on Demand

At Peecho, we’ve set up a worldwide network of Print on Demand printers. They guarantee a quick turn-around for favorable pricing for any personalized print item you need. Active in over thirty countries, you can be sure there is always a Peecho printer close to your hotel and guests. Besides considerable cost savings, this shortens delivery times and helps you reduce your ecological footprint. The best part: we offer ‘plug and print’ solutions. So it’s easy to get started.

Ready to discover more about how Peecho can help you elevate guest experiences? Check-in with our Sales team today.

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