Give personalised gifts this year

Do you have the same problem every year; what to get your friends and family for Christmas? What could be better than a personalised gift! Put thought and love into a custom magazine, book, poster, canvas and show your loved ones that you care. Whether you want to remember a holiday, compile someone’s short stories or novels, make a family cookbook or create an awesome wall decoration, there are plenty of options with Peecho.

It might seem far away, but Christmas will be here soon. To make sure your gift arrives before Christmas, order before December 7thHere are our favourite gift ideas:

Custom memory book

Create your own book to give to members of your family, with photos, funny quotes, short stories and comments from family members. Customise your book to have whatever you want, it doesn’t just have to be photos! Did you go on holiday with a group of friends? Put all of the photos (and embarrassing stories) in one place and print it into a book or magazine so your friends have a physical copy to look back on in the future. andrew-neel-48762

Compile your writing

Are you a writer, or is a loved one constantly scribbling away? Put everything in one place and make a book or magazine out of your creative work. Do you know any artists? Perhaps they can put some illustrations in for you to make an extra special book.

Framed poster

Print your favourite photo as a poster with our high quality printers and have it framed to give as a gift. Let that cherished memory stay remembered and show that you care.

Children’s book

Do you have young children, grandchildren or other young relatives? Why don’t you write them a bedtime story? Not only will you be able to get creative and write something personal and awesome, you might also inspire them to start drawing or writing and unleash their creative side.


Family recipes are passed down from generation to generation, but it’s easy to forget the all-important secret ingredients and techniques. Write them all down, with detailed step-by-step guides so that nothing gets lost. Grandma’s chocolate cake can be replicated for years to come!

Canvases and other wall decorations

Perhaps you have a budding photographer in the family, or there was a special event this year such as a wedding. Upload one of these photos are create a professional, high quality wall decoration to give as a present.Ready with your creation? Make an account with Peecho, upload your PDF and begin.

Lachlan Hicks

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