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Peecho rolls out the Simple Print Service

Looking to turn your family photos into wall art or print a copy of your book for posterity’s sake? Meet our brand new Simple Print Service, the easy way to turn your digital photos and documents into beautiful print products.

How does it work?

Using the Simple Print Service is as easy as it sounds. The service does not require software downloads, complicated templates or print-ready files. You simply need to upload a PDF or image file and the service analyses it to suggest a number of available print products. Like our Simple Print Button, the Simple Print Service is connected to a global network of leading printing facilities. All orders are produced on demand and as close to the end recipient as possible. 

Can I start my own?

Yes! A white-label version of the Simple Print Service is also available, enabling you to start your own print on demand channel in minutes. The service incorporates a complete, user-friendly checkout and payment module. It supports worldwide delivery and over 30 different currencies, and is fully optimized for search engines and social media.The Simple Print Service can also be launched in multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish and Dutch. You just need to create a Peecho account and purchase your own domain name to get started.Contact us to learn more or read the official press release for more details.


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