Peecho goes to Drupa 2012

is the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world. This year, Peecho
will make the trip to Düsseldorf, Germany to take a sneak peek at new
technologies and chat with some of the industry’s biggest experts. Here
are some of the exhibitions and shows we’re most excited about:

Printed Electronics

Called the “quantum leap for print advertisers” by Drupa’s Manuel
Mataré, printed electronics exhibitions promise to be an interesting
sight. Just imagine children’s books with incorporated reading lights or
animations, medication packaging that can take you blood pressure and
even handbags with a “built-in mobile phone charging station” for ladies
on-the-go. With such impressive prototypes, the printed electronics
industry will reach an expected value of 9.4 billion US dollars this
year. We’re eager to learn more.

Anything print-web-mobile

Peecho is always trying really hard to be cool. Since mobile is the
biggest thing out there right now, we think its important to include print-web-mobile
presentations on our must-see list. Plus, any speech that references
Stanley Kubrick’s Dr.Strangelove, like Benny Landa’s “Print in the
Digital Era: How I learned to stop worrying and love the iPad,” will
probably be awesome.

Sustainable Media Production

At Peecho, we’re trying to make print more
by promoting print on demand and taking production
closer to the end recipient. For this reason, innovations in the area of
eco-friendly print, packaging and workflow management are also in our
agenda. Moreover, updates from the Global
Paper Forum
are always welcome.

If you have any recommendations or want to meet up with us at the event,
drop us a line in the comments!


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