Peecho for Retailers: Le Petit Tom prints beautiful catalogues on demand

In this day and age, businesses have to create amazing content to
capture people’s attention and garner word of mouth. Brands
are becoming publishers
, leveraging a diversity of new media to
market their product in creative ways. Such is the case with Le
Petit Tom
, an exclusive clothing store that thrives on introducing
magical styles into the European baby fashion branch.

Dolly Le petit Tom

Le Petit Tom is working with Peecho
to print lookbooks of their private label collection DOLLY.
We spoke with the store’s founder and lead designer, Anne-Marie van
Dijk, to learn more about how she’s using digital publishing and
print-on-demand to tell her brand’s story.

How did you hear about Peecho?

I saw the Peecho print button appear above our Issuu
catalogues. I’ve been using Issuu for about 2 years now.

And how has a platform like Issuu helped you connect with your clients?

It’s a great and especially stylish way to showcase our collections to
customers all over the world. I can’t think of a better way to do my
marketing and now Peecho’s printing
service for Issuu
is just the best. The possibility to print just
one piece instead of a minimum of 3,000 makes Peecho perfect. I can
alter the catalogue, update on Issuu and send out a print version
immediately to a client.

Speaking of the catalogue, what steps do you take to create your digital

I first design the products under my own label, Dolly by Le Petit Tom ®.
When the actual garments and shoes are finished and the collection
created, I photograph products myself and prepare the document with text
and graphics. I achieve the best results by taking photos on location.
It’s very time consuming to create settings for photo shoots but I love
to do it. When the lookbook is finished, I upload it to Issuu. We get
tons of positive responses to our brand and products. People always
comment on the beautiful pictures and presentation so the marketing is
paying off very well.

Describe your experience using Peecho:

It’s been really easy. The quality is very good and in case there is a
miss-print, problems are solved quickly.

That’s good to hear! Would you recommend Peecho to other webshops?

Yes, I think it’s the best thing for people with catalogues. If you go
to any other printing company you have to send in every page separately
and make sure the numbers and specs are correct. Peecho takes care of
most of that work and hassle. I mean, as a company, you put in a lot of
effort just making the catalogue and you just want to print it. With
Peecho that’s possible. You don’t have to do anything, just fill in your
address and voilà!

Why do you think it’s important to offer a printed lookbook or product

Some customers prefer a printed catalogue. It’s very professional for a
company to be able to send a print version to a client, even if they’re
on the other side of the world. Printing on demand is also handy because
you avoid having a warehouse full of outdated prints (which is a waste
of money, paper and trees).


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