Peecho for Creatives: Designer Michael Vinci on his book Pictograms and Signs

Ever wondered where that familiar home icon on your browser comes from
or those quirky-looking airport signs? In his book Pictograms
and Signs
, Michael Vinci takes you on a minimalist journey through
the meaning of symbols and images. The book was initially distributed as
a digital publication on Issuu.
Following our collaboration with the publishing platform, Michael used
our printing service to translate the publication into a physical
product. We were curious to hear more so we had a little chat with him
and got some pretty neat feedback in the process.

Pictograms and Signs

Can you tell us a bit more about your book?

Pictograms & Signs is probably my favourite project I have worked on to
date. Over the past few years my passion for illustration and simplistic
designs has grown a lot and when I was given a brief at Solent
titled ‘Visual Research,’ I thought that this was the perfect time to
expand my knowledge on the visual language. The book has been put
together to give people insight into the different images around us,
from obeying the law via road signs, to ancient scriptures and even on
the internet.

I noticed that you make great use of the Issuu widget on your blog
to showcase your projects. Besides using their platform, how has this
helped you spread the word about your work?

I think Issuu’s digital book widget is the best way to show your work
online, especially books. It allows people to view your publication with
ease. The widget has been designed really well so it works like a charm.
Nice one!

And what did you think about Peecho

I am very happy with the service. As a designer, I understand that there
can be a lot of misunderstanding between printers and their clients. But
the orders I have placed have shown me that the printers at Peecho must
have a lot of experience and understanding. My designs have come out
really well!

The quality of the book was also far higher than expected. This was
because I considered the price I paid to be cheap. Therefore, I expected
to have a standard quality print. But when I received the book I was
pleasantly surprised to see the high quality of production. So A+++ for
offering a cheap but high quality service!

Wow, thanks so much for the kudos! Would you recommend Peecho to
other designers?

Yes, in fact I have. I live with two other Graphic Designers and since
receiving my book they have signed up. My tutor at Solent was even
impressed with the service!

What is the added value of a printed design portfolio or publication?

All designs look different on paper no matter what monitor you use, and
a high quality printer makes everything that much better. Call me old
fashioned but as awesome as it is, with the world becoming so digitally
advanced, you can’t beat having a hard copy.


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