Peecho Customer Care: Checkout & International Delivery Improvements

As we mentioned in a previouspost, the whizzkids in the Peecho development team have been workinghard to improve our checkout and shipping procedure based on customerfeedback. In this article, we will elaborate on some of the changeswe’ve made, hoping to get some more suggestions from our customercommunity.

State information and address fields

The first set of checkout improvements was made in the “shippinginformation” page. Our customers in the United States can now choosetheir state information from a handy drop-down menu, making the processmore intuitive. If your shipping address is not in the US, don’t worry,the state field magically disappears.We also split up the first two lines of address data into multiplefields: street, number, building and P.O. BOX. This helps us makeaddresses more reliable in the validation department.

And speaking of address validation…

We also integrated an addressverification service into our system. Once someone has paid for anorder, we run their address through the web-service to verify it andobtain a formatted version based on the country information. Thisservice has proved really useful because every country has its own wayof formatting or writing address information.International mail carriers often depend on country-specific formats toscan addresses automatically using specific software. If the format isnot correct, there has to be a manual step in the shipping process,resulting in delayed order deliveries.In the unlikely case that address details cannot be validated, theservice gives us a percentage that takes a good guess at the accuracy ofthe address. If the percentage is low, the order will automatically goto a ‘moderation’ state, meaning that one of the Peecho guys willmanually check if the address details are correct. We hope thatimplementing these changes will speed up delivery times and are alreadyseeing some improvements.Have more feedback or suggestions on this topic? Please help us out byleaving a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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